Poll: .Vegas vs. .NYC


I had a discussion with a friend about the .Vegas and .NYC new gTLD extensions, and we debated about which extension we prefer – .Vegas or .NYC. I won’t reveal which extension I like more, but I am curious about which extension you prefer. Personally, I think the geographic new gTLDs are going to be among the top performers of all new gTLD extensions.

One thing that is unique about these two extensions is that neither .Vegas or .NYC are the full name of their respective cities, Las Vegas and New York City. The .NYC landrush began on August 4, and the .Vegas landrush began today, August 14. .NYC domain names have a residency restriction and .Vegas domain names do not require registrants to have a presence in Las Vegas.

For the sake of the poll below, let’s forget about the nexus policy and just choose which extension you like straight up. Don’t think about things like prices or availability either. Simply put, if you could buy whatever .NYC or .Vegas domain names you wanted, but you could only buy them in one extension, would you choose .Vegas or .NYC? Vote in the poll below and feel free to comment in the comment section. I’ll probably share my thoughts in the comment section, too.


  1. Very difficult choice…but for me its 2 different objects in the market to choose…both them have the benefits of the regions business…so its up to the buyer to choose!

  2. After seeing what is *not* available, reserved, already registered, etc., to the extent even possible get any info, I’ve made my decision. The best one is:


  3. Prefer .vegas, it is completely tourism focused.

    Having said that all these geo extensions are majorly flawed in my view, the keyword is in the wrong place. For 90% of terms it is going to be “Vegas Keyword” not “Keyword Vegas”.

  4. I’m thinking of starting a business where people would hire me at Christmas time to open their presents, why let the kids do it and make a mess when you can hire it out, DUH! So for my web site, I’m having trouble deciding on chrismaspresentunwrapping.com or christmansgiftunwrapping.com.


  5. Over here in Europe, “Vegas” doesn’t have much of a meaning to most people whereas “NYC” is something very recognizable.

  6. I was actually surprised when I first heard Frank Schilling was backing GTLD’s, then it all made sense when I found out he started his own Registrar… There always seems to be an ulterior motive when a industry professional throws their support behind something, Filling their pockets while newbies empty theirs.

  7. .NYC seems more solid, and the nexus issue helps give it more legitimacy as a geoTLD. It could be used as a signifier to customers that you are a local company, whereas .VEGAS doesn’t seem as essential for a Vegas presence.

  8. .NYC more humans to buy from you equals more money. X % of the population is within less than 2 hour from NEW YORK I forget the stat but if your bottom line is making money then logically .nyc as there are more points of contact in New York. I like reading comments by John.

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