Personalized Brokerage Service


When selling domain names, I believe most people either rely on end users contacting them or rely on selling to other domain investors. I think there is a market for a domain brokerage that is paid to contact potential buyers of domain names on behalf of domain owners.

The brokerage would collect stats and information about a domain name and present it to potential buyers. This is similar to my post in July, but instead of running an auction, the company would set a BIN price for a particular name or group of names that would be of interest to a company.

Currently, I believe most domain brokers work the opposite way. They receive information about a domain name and blast an email out to a random group of domain buyers. If a more personalized email was sent, the potential buyer could be enticed to make a purchase. It’s the heart of direct marketing (where I have my Master’s Degree), and it would be a great win/win/win for all parties.


  1. Hi Elliot,,, great blog you have here. I have painted myself into a corner, in a good way I believe, and I think the solution may just be right down your alley. Not sure if this reply is likely to get posted so I won’t be more specific right now. It’s a niche thing that has a lot of potential so if you’re interrested in having a look, let me know.



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