Paul Nicks’ 2019 NamesCon Presentation


GoDaddy’s Paul Nicks was the keynote speaker at NamesCon yesterday, and he shared quite a bit of data about the domain name aftermarket. Andrew Allemann shared some of the data from Paul’s keynote yesterday, and GoDaddy also wrote an article about the presentation.

Paul had a bit of a different approach to his keynote this year, illustrating how a customer might be able to make money investing in domain names over the long term. Paul and his GoDaddy team used an amalgam of customer results as well as results from GoDaddy’s own portfolio to create this fictional customer named Dominique and track her journey to profitability.

I believe a video of Paul’s full keynote discussion will be shared publicly at some point. For the time being, you can have a look at Paul’s Powerpoint presentation here:

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  1. I would caution newbie investors to proceed very carefully, aftermarket prices are very rich, and sometimes spilling into end user pricing levels. You can easily spend $10K in a day, and not have a customer for years.

    Godaddy always with a grain of salt for sure.

  2. There’ is like 0.1% chances to acquire two word valuable names for $150 or less at Godaddy auctions.
    Those times are long past and gone, like a decade ago!
    I completely agree that the aftermarket prices are on fire and go into end user pricing levels.

    Also “Dom’s Strategy” of buying 3-6 names/day @ $50-$75/each is a terrible business model, but I can see why Godaddy would suggest this.
    There’s no guarantee that you will sell 1% of inventory within 12 months…and your investment would be well over 108K (6x300days x $60avg). Who collects the money right of the bat? 🙂

    Instead do this:

    If you have ANY crypto “money” at this point, cash out! Start with $10,000USD…buy 3 or 4- HIGHER quality two word names in a 12 months period and hold long term 5-10 years. Ask 25k each and refuse to sell cheaper, that’s 200k. No it won’t be easy money, but you will be able to sleep at night and won’t jump off the roof top when the cryptos crater!

    That’s my 2 cent for today…

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