.Online Off to a Fast Start


.Online domain names became available to hand register for the standard registration fee this morning. Radix, the company that operates the .Online registry, is reporting that they are off to a fast start.

Shortly after general availability began today, the company posted a tweet announcing that over 15,000 domain names were registered within the first couple of minutes:

The company followed up on this tweet to announce that more than 20,000 .Online domain names were registered within 10 minutes of the extension entering into general availability:

Over 26,000 .Online domain names were registered within 15 minutes of general availability.

This figure appears to be important for Radix because the company was chasing the 25,000+ general availability registration number for .Club. Sandeep Ramchandani, Business Head at Radix commented last week, “We expect to start off with at least 15,000 registrations at launch and would love to break .club’s launch record!” It seems that they are going to exceed this figure by quite a bit.

I am not sure if someone is tracking first day registration records, but it looks like Radix will likely set the high water market today with the launch of .Online.

If the company shares the total registration number at the end of the day, I will try to publish an update. It looks like the Radix team is very happy with today’s numbers:


  1. Many domains are being reported as “available” and they are not… Example, Dynadot.com is showing mortgages.online as available, same with with refinance.online and dozens of others… they take your money and then nothing except a refund three days later.

  2. It’s very shortsighted “exuberance.” .Online is appealing but is priced much too high. It is priced for flash in the pan disappointment after a perfectly understandable interest in the opening bell.

  3. That’s excellent as I have just registered 3 .Online domains names at a standard discounted price with Uniregistry as follows:


    But I did still try to register some more & they are only either available at high premium prices or unavailable.

  4. The cheapest place to buy is at NameCheap.com Discount price $10.06 AUS or $7.17 USD

    I bought only $7.17 USD each:



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