New TLDs on 2014 SXSW Agenda


SXSW AgendaThe South by Southwest (SXSW) event held annually in Austin, Texas is a mixture of technology and music. This year’s SXSW agenda features a brief session about the new TLDs that will be available later on this year. The Future15 15 minute session will be led by Jeremiah Johnston, General Counsel at Sedo.

The session / panel is called “The Discussion’s Over: New Domains Are Here,” and it will be held on Monday, March 10 from 12:30 – 12:45 in Ballroom E of the Austin Convention Center. Based on the description of the session, it looks like Jeremiah will be providing a general overview of the opportunities available with the new domain names and give some advice to companies who are considering the purchase of new domain names.

According to the agenda, This session will help you understand new TLDs, explain why you should care, and give you everything you need so you’re not left behind by those in the know.”

I am not exactly sure how they’ll fit all of that into a 15 minute session, but that appears to be the timeslot for this particular discussion. It is a part of the Future15 program, which are 15 minute presentations about future technologies or things happening in the future.

Jeremiah is a solid selection to lead this session. His legal background combined with his experience at Sedo will allow him to discuss various aspects of buying new gTLD domain names. He can hit it from a domain investing perspective as well as a brand protection point of view. In addition, he has good insight about when the new domain names will be coming on the market and how companies can purchase one of the new domain names.

If you’re attending SXSW and are planning to be at this Future15 session, it would be great if you could film it and share it so that we are able to learn from it and see what Jeremiah has to say.


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