NCAA College Basketball March Madness: $1,000 in Prizes on


Domain investor launches March Madness bracket selection challenge with $1,000 on the line. is giving away $1,000 in cash prizes during the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament, which begins on Thursday, March 18th. You can print out an official bracket and enter to win $250 – with no entry fee.   The person who has the most points will win $250, the second place finisher will win $150, and the third place finisher will win $100.

Entrants who aren’t good at making college basketball picks can still win. is offering $500 to the person who refers the most valid users.   In addition, to help build awareness, is offering prizes for inbound links from different websites. Higher pagerank websites are worth more points, and the leading referrer will win $250, the second place finisher will win $150, and the third place finisher will win $100.

Full contest details are available on The tournament begins tomorrow, so sign up today. is a recently launched venture from, a domain investment company founded by Tony Peppler.


  1. Thanks Adam,

    Elliotsblog has referred some users and he is NOW in the top 3 for referrers. So he will get some $$ as well and he doesn’t have to “win” anything.

  2. Who does everyone have in their brackets this year to make 
it to the final four?? WIth so many changes through-out the 
Top 10, Top 25 and even the #1 seed in the nation anything 
is possible.. I can’t wait for the madness to begin!!! So 

    My Final Four:






    KANSAS winning it all… 

    For a full bracket with predictions click

    So who do you have? Who is your final four?

  3. College basketball is my favorite sport by far.

    Here is my final 4:


    Kansas will win it all. Have the great combo-inside/outside with Collins and Alridge.

    Kentucky too young to win it all, 3 freshman starting will not keep there poise all 6 games.

    Syracuse is not 100% healthy.

    Duke, lives and dies by the 3 pointers. However, they are still stronger than the others so will be in final 4.

    These teams will not make final 4 which many predict because of:

    Ohio State-relies too much on 1 player (Evan Turner)

    Villanova-has no interior defense

    West Virginia-relies too much on 1 player (Butler)

    Kansas St-There coach will have a melt-down


    Since I am such an expert I will give you guys my words of wisdom:

    Round 1 upsets:

    Northern Iowa over UNLV
    San Diego State over Tennessee
    UTEP over Baylor
    Cal over Louisville
    Sienna over Purdue
    Georgia Tech over Oklahoma St.
    BYU over Florida
    Missouri over Clemson
    Richmond over St. Mary’s

    Also, Baylor will be to the Elite 8. No more pointers right now, but may give a few in round 2 if I feel generous:)

    Now, it is St. Patricks day, and you can call me a “drunken irishman” which I am right now, or you can trust me as the guys who has won this pool of 30 people 5 of the last 7 years:)
    Thanks, Jim

  4. My Villanova Wildcats (#2 seed) got quite a scare from Robert Morris today… they had to take it in to OVATime … and when it was OVA it was NOVA 73-70 ….Whewwwww !

    I did not here about the gig until too late …but here are my final Four Picks in 2 other pools:

    West Virginia

    In the other pool I have:


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