NamesCon Spotlight on ClicksMob

This interview is another part of a series of interviews with exhibitors and sponsors of NamesCon, a domain industry conference that is taking place at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas from January 11-14, 2015. As of the time of publication, over 600 people have registered to attend the conference, and over 800 attendees are expected.

Today’s NamesCon Spotlight interview is with Chen Levanon, CEO of ClicksMob. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to post them in the comment section!

Hi Chen, can you tell us about your company and what distinguishes ClicksMob from other advertising networks?

Founded in 2013 by four serial entrepreneurs, ClicksMob is a performance platform for mobile advertising focused on providing a marketplace for advertisers and publishers to buy and deliver mobile traffic.

When it comes to domains; we monetize mobile domains. Many domains have had great and lucrative success with their web domain, but many are starting to see the missed opportunity of mobile, as their mobile traffic goes ignored. That’s where we come in by providing a solution to monetize their mobile traffic.

When it comes down to it, we are truly distinguished by the enhanced performance we deliver for advertisers and publishers, our outstanding service and support provided by our dedicated team of account managers, and our proprietary technology. We say what separates us is our “tech with a touch”, and that it’s our on-call account managers always available to our clients that distinguishes ClicksMob. Although our industry can be very technical, we never forget the human element that ensures the best possible performance for each of our clients.

This is ClicksMob’s inaugural sponsorship and exhibition at NamesCon. Can you tell us about what drew you in?

NamesCon is one of the most exciting new trade shows in domains, and ClicksMob is very proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor. As a leader in the mobile space, we recognize the large role domains play in mobile traffic, and we want to help domains increase their revenues by tapping into what this traffic has to offer.

What is your funding model and how large is ClicksMob?

As a completely self-funded company, we’ve been profitable from the third month of operations, which is unique within the industry. Being self-funded and developing our own proprietary technology has given us an important freedom by enabling ClicksMob to focus solely on and perfecting performance mobile marketing. We currently have 30 employees.

Mobile advertising is gaining real traction. How do you see the market evolve in a few years from now?

We can look at the growth of the internet in general and learn a lot about the rapid growth in mobile. The concept of internet growth can be applied generally to the world of mobile except that everything is sped up exponentially. What took 10 years’ time to mature on the web takes only a few years in the mobile industry. Growth on mobile platforms has truly been exponential and this has naturally had a huge impact on mobile advertising.

The sky is the limit and the opportunities are endless as the market evolves quickly. More iPhones are sold per day in the world than babies born, and that’s only one smartphone brand. Essentially, as smartphones become more accessible across the globe, mobile will become the platform of choice for advertisers as they will be able to reach the global population where it matters most; in the palm of their hand.

Tell us about the new opportunities mobile presents to the domain industry.

Growth on mobile platforms in general has been exponential and this had a huge impact on the industry. As more and more businesses realize the need for mobile advertising, the volume of growth and traffic will continue to increase.
In the domain industry there are a lot of companies that originated in the web and see that as their core business. These big and small players now have a lot of web traffic to their mobile site – but they don’t know how to monetize it. We are providing a very easy and accessible monetization solution for their mobile web traffic.

What are your top predictions for mobile in 2015?

In the coming year, and as we move into the future, domains will play a significant role in mobile traffic. They’ll start to notice the vast opportunities mobile gives them, and it will be a focus, that was once unlikely on their radar. This shift by domains will be very beneficial for the industry, but most of all for domains as they turn to monetizing their mobile activity.


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