NameCheap Almost at 3 Million Registrations: Give Aways on the Way


To celebrate its impending achievement of 3,000,000 domain names under its management, NameCheap has made a couple of special offers to its customers. Since the company is just a bit short of the final 10,000 domain countdown, I want to share what the company is offering customers during the countdown and just after.

The big prize is that the company will be giving $3,000 to the person who registers the 3 millionth domain name. The prize will be paid either via NameCheap account credit or paid via Paypal.

The company is also offering specials for when it hits 10,000 before and 10,000 after the 3 million number.

According to the NameCheap contest page, “We’ll be giving away 1000 free** domains before the 3 million mark, and 1000 more after! If you buy or transfer any 10th domain between 2,990,000 to 3 million, we’ll credit the associated costs back to your account automatically.Moreover, once we reach that 3 million milestone, we’re giving away another 1000 domains for free** for every 10th domain purchase or transfer until we reach 3,010,000 domains!”

You should visit the page to read any disclaimers they may have to be sure you’re eligible.

Congratulations to NameCheap on the  achievement.


  1. What did they achive exactly? They gave away domains? Their entire marketing plan involves poaching customers from GoDaddy with Price. they don’t offer anything really and have no telephone support. Real business won’t use a company they can’t call on the phone.

    If you want an inexpensive Registrar use NameSILO. Totally legit and much less expensive than NameCheap. Plus you get FREE Privacy at registration – and at Renewal. No gimicks, not tricks. NameSilo is growing like crazy for a reason. Seriously the only reason people are still using NameCheap is because they have not yet heard of NameSILO – but they will.

  2. 3 million domains is a great achievement, congrats NameCheap. I don’t think Mike is right in blaming NameCheap for poaching GoDaddy customers with price. GoDaddy won most of it’s market in the early days just because of low prices.

    Other industries teach us that just by copying the model, or giving cheap, khm excuse me, affordable service can get you customers in the long term.

    There’s a great book on the topic, called Start with why by Simon Sinek. There are examples like Southwest airlines, Wallmart, Apple, Virgin, etc.

    What exactly has NameSilo achieved (beside low prices) to attract customers?

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