My Favorite Aspect of Domain Investing


Every morning, regardless of whether I am at home or traveling, I spend time reviewing upcoming domain name auctions. Looking at domain names coming up for auction while drinking my coffee is one of the only things in my routine that doesn’t change, and I think it is my favorite aspect of domain investing. It is exciting to discover hidden gem domain names, and it is fun to strategize about bidding strategy.

Each morning, I review several lists of upcoming domain auctions. There are expiry auctions, deleted domain auctions, and some private domain name auctions. Here are the primary sources I use to find domain names of interest that are coming up for auction:

  • (owned by Intellium) emails
  • NameJet Saved Searches
  • NameJet pending delete and most popular auction lists
  • GoDaddy saved searches
  • saved searches
  • Auctions with bids

There are other sources to find upcoming domain auctions, and I also look at their lists, too., NameBio, Domain Smoke, and Kickstart Commerce all have daily curated auction lists (blog posts or email) that have standout domain names listed.

I spend somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour going through various lists of domain names. On a typical morning, I will backorder or bid on anywhere from 5 – 20 domain names in auction. The majority of my participation takes place at NameJet,, and GoDaddy Auctions. For the last year or so, I have been picking up more inventory at than the other auction platforms.

Expiry and expired domain auctions have gotten very competitive during the last several years. As a result, it takes more effort to find high quality inventory domain names that will improve my portfolio at the lowest acquisition cost. While the added competition has made it more challenging, it is the most enjoyable aspect of domain investing for me.


  1. My Favorite Aspect of Domain Investing is seeing all the high offers$$$$ for my domains I get daily that I hand reg at 99cents and selling them for big bucks!!
    ROI 100000% or more
    Love it, stress free and best hobby, no need to sweat, no physical labor not like getting up at 3am to plow the snow for someone, no need to open physical stores like bees or worms or some heavy manual labor like nurseries, dealing with AHole people, customers, employees, and other paper works and best of all, can do anywhere on Earth including Mars
    It is all about mental brain power!!

    • I don’t know. I haven’t auctioned any of my names in a long time. I would imagine offering them on a platform like NameLiquidate or could be helpful. I have not used either platform, so I don’t know how quickly you could expect to sell a domain name nor do I know how quickly they remit payment.

  2. I spend a lot more time doing this so I must be doing something wrong. Can you give us some tips on how you refine your searches. Thanks

    • Hard to say. Could just be that I read through lists of names more quickly and hone in on names that jump out without doing a whole lot of additional research. In addition, I would say a large percentage of names that have any value are discovered by others first, so it’s just a matter of seeing what has bids and deciding what I like.

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