Lowell Project: Generating Incremental Revenue


While I expect the enhanced directory listings, homepage advertising, and affiliate deals will generate the majority of revenue for Lowell.com, it is important to think about ways to generate incremental revenue as well. Using a website like Cafe Press to produce various branded items, I can generate revenue and brand awareness. Whether I end up purchasing the majority of the products or if others decide to buy them as well, this is a great opportunity to encourage people to visit Lowell.com.
On my Lowell.com blog today, I discussed the revenue opportunities of creating an online gift shop, and I also discussed the legal ramifications of using the logo I revealed here not too long ago for commercial purposes. Please check out the Lowell.com blog for the full details.


  1. Elliot, please forgive my forwardness, but when the LOWELL.com site loads I focus on the blue banner at top and wonder if maybe you shouldn’t experiment with wide angle shots of the city, it’s people, buildings and parks. We all like to travel and “see” and what better way than each new login get a picture of different photos of Lowell,MA from
    the residents eyes.

    thanks for teaching me.
    Ed – Michigan

    Hi Ed,
    The site is being built offline. What you see at Lowell.com looks completely different than the final product.

  2. Hello Elliot,

    Long time lurker here. Great blog. You may also want to consider adding a section for books to your store using the Amazon affiliate program (e.g., books about Lowell). You won’t earn a tonne from this but, like you suggest, incremental income is a good thing.

    GREAT Suggestion. I thought about it a few weeks ago but it slipped my mind. I will add a widget to some of the pages. Nice.

  3. Hello Elliot,
    In our research for a T-shirt printer, we discovered printmojo.com. As far as I know they only print on cloth items but your profit margin is much, much higher. Printmojo will also set up an online shop for you and provide complete fullfillment services (+ url masking etc).
    I haven’t used their services yet, but plan to, for both a regional site as well as an online themed t-shirt store. I have no ownership or affiliation in any manner with the company.
    Also, tons of info here: t-shirtforums.com You can research just about any provider here.
    Thank you so very much for allowing us access to your Lowell project. I read your sites every day.
    All the best,

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