Julian Edelman Does What Tom Brady Couldn’t Do


je11-logoIt’s no secret that I am a fan of the NFL’s New England Patriots. When I see something Patriots-related in the domain name space, I am happy to write about it.

This morning I saw that wide receiver Julian Edelman is opening a pop-up shop on Newbury Street in Boston. The brand is known as JE11 which are Edelman’s initials + his uniform number 11. Smartly, someone connected with Edelman owns the matching JE11.com domain name.

The JE11.com domain name was registered and deleted a few times over the years. It’s current creation date is September of 2013, when it appears that a registrant connected with Edelman registered the domain name. As you can see when you visit JE11.com, the domain name forwards to JulianEdelman.com, which is home to the JE11 brand. Some people may have forgotten or not cared about the matching brand name, but Edelman shows his smarts off the field, too, by grabbing this domain name and preventing someone else from owning and using it.

Interestingly, when Deadspin shared some of Tom Brady’s emails last year, we were able to see that Brady and his management team were interested in acquiring the TB12.com domain name for Brady’s brand. Unfortunately for Brady, someone else had owned that domain name for a number of years. Mr. Brady and his team were unable to acquire the TB12.com domain name.

Kudos to Julian Edelman on getting his JE11.com domain name when Tom Brady couldn’t get his TB12.com domain name.


  1. If you don’t mind Elliot,

    CONGRATS to the Chicago Cubs,World Series Champs.The Perfect Storm has hit the north side if Chi-Town. LETS GO CUBBIES.com

  2. Yeah, but have you looked at the stuff for sale on JE11.com vs TB12Store.com? Edelman has a long way to go to catch up to Brady when it comes to merchandising. The TB12 logo alone is far better. Put on a JE11 hat and see how many people ask you “what’s jell?”

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