Is For Sale?


According to an Ebay listing, is currently for sale without a reserve. The current bid price is just over $11,000, but I think this will go much higher. From the listing:

“After over 10 years using this domain with great results, we have finally decided to pass it on to the “next generation” of entrepreneurs. POSTCARD.COM is now for sale!

We’re technically selling just the domain name but we are also willing to sell the logo, design and branding we created for our postcard printing company as well….

Alan Wolan

This is one of those category killer domain names that could be used by a printing business as a new branding initiative. While some could argue that the plural is a better domain name, I think both are phenomenal.
One word of caution on this Ebay listing though. On the website, there is a note that says:

This domain name is currently NOT for sale.
For further information please fill out the form below.
Thank You.” Home Page


  1. I would be very careful with it. We had people contact us because someone was trying to sell some of our names on Ebay which was bogus. Best thing to do is contact the registrant. Oh, an look what it says:

    Registrant Contact:
    James Bonadio
    James Bonadio (NA)
    this domain name is NOT for sale
    Burlington, 05401

    Very true – although I took off his address, as I don’t want to publish someone’s Whois data.
    IMO, if he was auctioning the name, he would have added a link to the website.

  2. Be very wary of eBay re: domains. Ebay/Paypal do not protect buyers of intangible property.
    Certainly, don’t wire money, write a check, or pay cash for an ebay purchase. Credit cards are your best protection, as long as you do a chargeback within 60 days for a problem purchase.
    On eBay/Paypal, the shipping receipt is a buyer’s proof; otherwise, you have no proof. Scammers know this.
    Best, Ms Domainer

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