Internet Traffic Testing Sale Bar Colors


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One of the things I learned in graduate school was to “test everything.” As direct marketers, we were taught that every single thing matters, and by testing everything, we are able to tell how much or how little different aspects matter.

I would imagine Internet Traffic does significant amounts of testing with the presentation of their landing pages. I’ve seen landing pages in rotation that have no graphics while the same landing page had graphics showing just a couple of days prior. I assume that is a test to see what gets the higher click through rate (CTR).

From landing on various Internet Traffic landing pages, one thing seems to remain consistant – the bright orange “for sale” bar at the top of some of the landing pages.

Not anymore. It appears that Internet Traffic is testing the impact of a bright green bar at the top of some landing pages. This evening, I went to see if a recent acquisition was resolving to IT yet, and I noticed the bright green bar. I did a hard refresh and the standard orange bar appeared. My guess is that this means they’re testing to see if the color makes a difference in the number of inquiries.

It’s great to see a company like Internet Traffic testing landing pages, not satisfied with status quo. A small % lift can mean an increase in sales volume and sales, which either impacts clients directly or trickles down to other domain investors in the form of reinvestments.

If you ever notice some testing that looks neat, drop a line. It’s fun to observe.


  1. Best system I have used to date. Frank should be proud of the system he has created.
    I am even getting some click $$ on’s!

  2. @steve
    I totally agree.InternetTraffic Rocks! Parking revenue from my portfolio for this month – $350 (same portfolio with whypark – $216 for the entire year 2012)

  3. The system defaults to the for-sale banner of “This premium domain name may be listed for sale. Click here to inquire”

    But, you can change that verbiage in your settings.

    Right now, I’m testing ” MAY BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE. Click here to inquire.”

    I’m sure others have tested different wording…what wording seems to work best for everyone?

  4. Great observation Elliot, I noticed the same thing and was happy to see it. I figured I had nothing to loose, so when Rick rolled out his JointVentures, I went ahead and changed my for sale banner wording to:
    Click here to buy, lease or lease to own (domain name dot com) for your new website name!

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