I Appreciate Flippa Verification

I have never listed a domain name for sale on Flippa. I have thought about using Flippa and even created an account at one point, but I have yet to list a name on Flippa. Because of this, I was surprised to receive the following email from Flippa this week:

Hi [Redacted],

We’ve received a request to add domains matching this whois email address to your Flippa Domain Portfolio.

Verify ownership of these domains here

If you didn’t request this, or are not clear why you are receiving this message, please forward this email to support@flippa.com and we’ll get right on it!

Kind Regards,
The Flippa Team

I immediately reached out to Kevin Fink and the Flippa support team, and they took care of this for me.

I have no idea if this was someone trying to pull off a scam or if this was some sort of typo (since I have owned this particular domain name for a while), but I am glad to see that Flippa requires owner verification before allowing domain names to be listed for sale.

It is probably a bit burdensome if marketplaces required ownership verification in this manner for all listings, especially when a domain owner wants to list hundreds or thousands of domain names for sale at one time. However, it seems to be a good measure to prevent people from listing domain names they do not own.

Although preventing people from listing domain names they don’t own is important, it is also important that marketplaces continue to verify active listings. People sell domain names on different venues, and it can be difficult to keep track of all active listings. I am sure there are many listings on all marketplace venues that are no longer valid because of sold or expired domain names. I am sure this is something venues have in mind or have already implemented something to ensure this is being monitored.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Seems pretty basic. Are there platforms that don’t require some type of initial verification either by email confirmation or a whois check?

  2. I have sold on flippa and the process seems to run very smoothly.
    Seems to me in the last few years, they are a site to contend with when it comes to selling domains.

  3. Well your post

    In large part it is good to check domain names that is the same as sending registrars whois issue every year on ICANN rules for your data be fine.

    Today received a recorder that has got an email client to check the same as doing flippa the difference is that when you click on the domain name. Com appear a website with ads and about us privacy policy and end this click here and appear http://www.networkadvertising.org/ someone of you can help me I have to do because I do not have this domain name. Com domain parking anywhere.


  4. Ownership verification is definitely a good feature of Flippa. Flippa’s verify process (for the seller) could be better. Unfortunately I feel this way about most of my Flippa experience except the actual auction.

    The email they send to whois contact is unreliable. Out of approx. 10 domains I only got 5-6 of them(same email addy). If you have whois privacy on you have two choices; add a TXT record to each domain (which I did and Flippa support could not find it) or point the domains at Flippa.com and contact support to manually check. I cannot do so for all 20-30 domains I was going to list.

    Also, there’s small things like the link they provide for verification support on your portfolio page goes 404.

    Support is unable or not empowered to do anything further than the preliminary step. If you show them what is the roadblock is (even w/ screenshots) they maintain they cannot do anything, there’s no follow up. I just didn’t have the time to work through all their hoops so I’ve abandoned adding domains to the portfolio.

    I’m sure some of this is that they are adding new features, however having support links go 404 and not having staff able to look at the user’s efforts to work with them is inexcusable.

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