Poll: How Much Will NamesCon Silent Auction Gross?


The NamesCon silent auction concludes today, and there are some stellar domain names that are up for sale. Although many of the domain names have reserve prices that have not yet been eclipsed, by my count, the total of all high bids in the auction falls just short of $10 million.

I understand that bid that don’t hit reserve don’t count for much besides “eye candy,” but I think there is real potential for at least some of the top domain names to hit reserve and sell today. I did a bit of searching, and it looks like some of these domain names are getting close to their reserve prices.

At the moment, the 5 auctions with the highest bids are:

I am curious what you think the NamesCon silent auction will gross when all is said and done. Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts:

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  1. So much for the predictions…
    Even with all the push pump push
    Does AT.com sold?
    last bid was: $1,503,000.00 just below reserve (cough cough)

    • I am not sure what the “cough cough” is.

      My guess is that someone is either hoping the auction organizers call to offer it for the lower price after the auction or someone wanted to look like a big shot with a high bid they know wouldn’t obligate them to pay 7 figures.

  2. I have a different theory “for when people bid just a few dollars short below the reserve” but since I can’t support it with facts I just keep it to myself.
    Hard to believe someone would bid 1.5 Million dollars for something they have no intention to buy just to gain notoriety.
    I take it AT.com didn’t sell?

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