Guest Post: Jacqueline Daly on Dynadot’s Website Re-Design

DynadotYou may have noticed that Dynadot’s website recently underwent a major overhaul. The following is a guest post from Jacqueline Daly, Marketing Manager for Dynadot, to discuss the changes.

Change and innovation are concepts that domain investors know very well. The industry as a whole is a constantly evolving landscape that our customers have to be aware of and adapt to. At Dynadot we are no stranger to innovation as it takes place behind the scenes on a daily basis. In order for us to maintain our commitment to innovation we thought it was time for our site to reflect the state-of-the-art technology that drives us.

In the process of redesigning our site, we focused on two things: making our site easier to navigate and having a site that conveys our core strengths and values. From our analytics and customer feedback we discovered that people would occasionally get lost on our site, especially on our homepage. With our new design, our goal was to make the most important parts of our site easy to find. Dynadot’s greatest strengths are making state-of-the-art technology look simple and providing friendly, personalized customer service when our customers need help.

Not only are we updating the aesthetics of our site we are also revolutionizing the user experience. The next step in this project is a new control panel that will be cleaner, faster, and more robust than our current control panel. We’ve been working close with some of our power users to develop a control panel that caters to our clients’ needs. Our new control panel will still have all of the capabilities of our current control panel; it will also include new features such as widgets so you can personalize your experience with the features you use most often. We want it to be the fastest, smartest, and easiest control panel in the industry. On top of the new control panel we will be launching new mobile applications as well as a desktop client. So stay tuned! The innovation is just getting started!

A special thanks to Elliot for giving us the opportunity to connect with you! As a thank you (for reading this far =p), take 15% off your next order to celebrate the launch of our new site. Use code: BACKinBLACK

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Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Great to read and see the changes in Dynadot, They are our main domain registrar the service is excellent and the pricing is fair.

    Just wish this was posted earlier so I could have used that coupon code to save on the two names we registered today!

    Keep up the good work dynadot!

  2. Page- Agreed functionality comes first and foremost but it doesn’t hurt to have something nice to look at 🙂

    Theo- I’m glad you like the design. We hope it converts better too! As for searches, we do not save any search information on our site- we respect your privacy.

  3. Dietmar- We still are working on some browser compatibility issues. In this case it looks like its a caching issue with Google Chrome. You might need to refresh a couple of times or clear your cookies. I’m a Chrome user and find myself having to refresh when updates are made. I’m glad you like the new site!

  4. I think it’s the first time I visit this site.
    I don’t know what it was looking for previously but now it rocks!

    This remember me the recent redesign of

    Both have done a revamp with a lot of personality and I am sure this should improve their conversion rate.


  5. Well, I really like it. Great work, I only had one name at Dynadot that I transferred over to GD about 2 weeks ago simply because I thought that site looked sketchy.

    I am sure this change will benefit your business and was well worth the investment.

  6. As always, there needs to be a balancing act between functionality and marketing appeal. What I like about Dynadot, is that they obviously understand the need to constantly keep things fresh, even to the point of re-inventing themselves a little from time to time. Best of luck with the new site design 🙂

  7. New design looks fine.

    Though i personally think that account area is still complicated, i accept that this is due to old habits and it is just matter of time to adapt to new layout.

    Good work but the logo needs more work in my opinion.


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