Domain Name Apps (iPhone & iPad)


I was browsing through the Apple App Store this morning to see what domain name related apps you can purchase for your iPhone and/or iPad. There were more than I expected.

If you’ve used any of the apps listed below in ABC order, let others know what you think of them. I have an iPad but haven’t downloaded any of these apps yet.

  • Deep Whois (free)
  • DN Forum Mobile ($4.99)
  • Domain Scout (free)
  • Domainster Instant Domain Search and Suggestion ($.99)
  • Domain Pro (free)
  • Domain Storm by Network Solutions (free)
  • DomainTools Whois, Thumbnail, Availability (free)
  • Domain Tracker ($.99)
  • GoDaddy Mobile Domain Manager (free)
  • iDomain Monitor ($2.99)
  • Instant Domain Checker (free)
  • (free)
  • NameDrive

Did I miss any apps that you’d recommend to others? If so, what purpose do they serve and how much are they?


  1. Godaddy rocks. Easier than website, especially the whois after a search. Managing NS is easy too. You have to really know what you are looking for with auction function. I participated in a focus group on it at their office, they are really dedicated to it.

  2. I use Domain Storm and Deep Whois both very good. There is also TapaTalk, I do not remember if it was free though, but great for viewing forums and adding your forum if you have one. (no i do not own it, just incase a few will think that i’m advertising)

  3. I use DomainTools, and an app called Keywords that lets you do keyword research like GAKT, but on the go. Both are iPhone, the keyword one I think was $4.99 but totally worth it to me because the GAKT website doesn’t work in Safari on my phone.

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