Green Bay Packers Go After .Net Forwarding to Trump Website

The National Football League’s Green Bay Packers paid $1,500 to file a UDRP against the brand match domain name. The UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and it is WIPO Case D2021-1648.

This domain name, which is registered under Whois privacy, was created less than a year ago. In looking at the Whois history records of this domain name at DomainTools, I can see this is not the first time was registered. In fact, it appears to have been registered several times, by different registrants, since at least 2003.

If you were to visit to see how the domain name is being used, you will be forwarded to, the website owned by former US President Donald Trump. It is unclear how long the domain name has been forwarding to this website, but a screenshot from October of 2020 shows that is was forwarding since at least that point of time.

It is unclear whether the NFL’s Packers opted to file the UDRP because of the way the domain name is being used or if the team simply wanted to protect its brand after all this time. This is not the first time the Packers filed a UDRP. The Packers previously filed and won a UDRP for That domain name is now being used as a website for Titletown, “a new community development just west of Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.”

I think the Green Bay Packers have a pretty good chance of winning the UDRP for I don’t know if the domain name is worth the legal cost of filing the UDRP, but I guess the Packers didn’t like how the domain name is being used.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. No one in their right mind wants to be associated with former President Blowhard.
    Even the Trump hotel in DC is suddenly empty most of the time now that the grifters have no reason to book it

    • where the tax returns? We all want to see ….
      I bet he is investing in Domains

      I head all the rooms in the Trump Hotels are “fully BOOKED” by the Saudis with no shows and a bottle of Trump water is invoiced at $10

    • My family and I stayed several nights at the Trump Hotel on Central Park South (NYC) a couple years ago. Impeccable service, happy employees, clean rooms with upscale amenities, and the view we had was outstanding. You may not like his politics or governing abilities, but he dude clearly knows what works in the hospitality industry.

      • Did any of those happy employees speak English ?
        For someone who hates Mexicans, he somehow finds a lot of them to underpay.
        Thinking you can evaluate how “happy” employees are by staying at a hotel “several nights”, defies common sense. I suspect most large hotel chains have a way to find and remove hotel employees who are surly to their paid guests.

        • Bill,

          I have never heard President Trump say or intimate in any way that he “hates Mexicans”, so your assertion to the contrary is absurd.

          An American citizen who doesn’t want people from other countries to enter the United States in an illegal manner in no way indicates hatred of those who may be of a different ethnicity or nationality — it most likely indicates that said citizen simply believes in the Rule of Law and the concept that a nation cannot exist without borders.

          Your comment proves once again that TDS is real, and after all this time I still can’t help but be taken aback when confronted with it. Shocking, and very sad to see what the media has done to the hearts and minds of so many decent people.

    • How about no one in their right mind wants to believe the mainstream media’s defamation of Trump’s character? Please be careful of your remarks.

      • My comment was an explanation for the original comment. Your comment makes as much sense as auditing the same votes over and over and over again.

        • And when the audit in Arizona has found 33,000 ballots somehow not scanned by Dominion voting machines, you know the audit really makes sense.

  2. Yeah that definitely explains why the Packers don’t want Blowhard redirecting traffic from their website, genius. Very logical..

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