Great Coincidence in Lowell


I just had a great tour of the Whistler Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts led by the museum’s curator. As a history buff and art lover, the museum tour was great, and I saw some nice pieces of art, in addition to making a new friend and contact in the process. I am planning to do this type of thing quite a bit to meet people who live in Lowell and to learn about the city of Lowell so I can make the make a useful resource to residents and visitors.
In the process of the museum tour, I met the artist in residence, who is a very friendly lady and a talented painter. After I introduced myself and told her about my website, she let me know she would check it out when she had a chance. She also told me she planned to check out another city .com website for an upcoming visit to her daughter who lives in the midwest. Since she had never been to this city, she wanted to learn about the history and about some of the art related places in the area.
Incidentally, the city where her daughter lives is Nashville, Tennessee, and of course she plans to visit, owned by the Castello Brothers.   What a small world!


  1. It IS a small world and becoming smaller. We are becoming ambassadors to our destinations. It brings to mind that when I visited Bulgaria in 1991 everyone wanted to come to the America. They all had this wonderful vision that our country looked like Beverly Hills because the images they saw were from Hollywood movies. Similarly, we are starting to have the same kind of potential in our internet portals since everyone is starting to come to our sites for their vision or “slice of life from what we are creating.

  2. a small world indeed…Rick Latona put a picture on his blog lately of him on St. Thomas…he was in Charlotte Amalie…I own the .com 🙂
    Michael…interesting note…my wife is from Ukraine (been here 5 years) when she first sent pitures of our neighborhood to her mother her mother was surprised to see trees in the pic and thought every inch of the US was a city.

  3. I know, that what we think. When i came to USA, i was expecting everyone to be rich and famous. Given, i was very exited to try my first fast food, McDonald was 4 star restaurant to me when i came. Good time.

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