GoDaddy Beginning to Migrate Uniregistry Accounts

It has been a year and a half since GoDaddy acquired Uniregistry. GoDaddy recently began the process of notifying some Uniregistry (Uni) customers that their accounts will migrate to GoDaddy. I have been told this first batch of migrations is for Uni accounts that have 50 or fewer domain names in them that do not use Uni for parking or for its marketplace.

Customers whose accounts will be migrated will be given 30 days notice about the process. It will take approximately two days to move all associated account records (including domain names, payment profiles, data…etc) to GoDaddy. Once the migration is complete, customers will receive an email notifying them how to create a password and gain access to their account. The email will also contain a link to information on how to merge a new account with an existing GoDaddy account for customers that already use GoDaddy. Customers with migrated accounts will be able to login to their Uni account and SSO into their new GoDaddy account.

Because the Registrar of Record for Uni-registered domain names is GoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands Ltd., the only change that will be noticeable is the GoDaddy control panel and account access via the GoDaddy website. Expiration dates, name servers, sales listings, and other pertinent information related to the domain name will not be changed as a result of the migration.

I was told that eventually all Uni accounts will be migrated to GoDaddy. The entire migration process will likely be completed by next Summer. Uni currently offers some back-end sales and parking technology not currently available on GoDaddy, so the migration will be completed once the back-end technology is in place at GoDaddy.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I doubt many domainers will be happy about having the Godaddy user interface. Can understand this is “just another acquisition” for Godaddy but it is probably time to get out.

  2. Uni changed the game with their flawless app. Finally a well designes piece of software in the domain industry. GoDaddy should migrate their customers to Uniregistry, not the other way round. GD interface is like a time travel back to 2002. That was probably the last time it was updated. Time to move on.

  3. Out of the pan into the fire
    From a good piece of American ware into a piece of crap
    Uni dashboard is one of the best.
    Afternic gd is a piece of shit

  4. I have a very different point of view and opinion from you.
    With reference to Uniregistry which acts as a reseller, of the Godaddy brand all Uniregistry workers are in Godaddy and in Icann the accreditation is GoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands Ltd. which is Uniregistry, there are many other registrars that use the same name of the brand name and in ICANN the brand name is repeated and when you click you go to the main website of the possible accredited registrar but with a reseller function.

    Uniregistry was never sold for Frank’s domain portfolio, in Uniregistry there was a lack of control of changes of employees Markerting etc, not balancing the accounting, etc. Most of the sales of the domain brokers from Domainnamesales to Uniregistry were premium domains of Frank the CEO and founder of the two companies, this was reflected in the blog of one of the post that sales were written since 2014 before Jeffrey Gabriel left .
    The highest sales of hundreds of millions of USD were the premium domains sold by Frank, the lowest sales were those that Uniregistry had raised since 2014.

    In my years working in multinational companies I have never seen that the CEO of the company has sent his Sales Executive that his entire team will dedicate themselves to selling a product or service exclusive to the CEO and 10% will be dedicated to the sales of their clients of the company.

    It was planned from the beginning that Uniregistry would disappear and would only follow the companies that Frank founded years before in the Cayman Islands where he still has his large domain portfolio.

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