Go Daddy Social Media Team and Graphic Designers Working Overtime


In conjunction with the new Go Daddy advertising campaign called “It’s Go Time,” the company has initiated an excellent social media campaign. GoDaddy’s social media team has been responding to tweets mentioning the Go Daddy brand and ad campaign, and the company has been publishing amusing graphics customized for each reply.

Have a look at some of the replies featuring new “Go Daddy Guy,” Jean-Claude Van Damme, including one that was sent to me this morning. The social media team and graphic designers are working overtime, and it’s pretty ingenious:


  1. I think this is probably the best campaign out there for domains. Branding is not about the product – its all about people getting to remember the brand. Kudos to Godaddy.

  2. Bring Danica back, instead of badly isolated photos of a B movie star whose best films were made in the late 80’s. Cameo roles in Expendables 2 don’t count.

    Only the Yahoo! logo is worse than the new GoDaddy campaign.

  3. *

    “It’s Go Time”

    How come I think of toilet paper? Too close to “Enjoy the Go”

    Go Daddy should spend less money coming up with goofy slogans and hiring creepy actors and more on developing a better user interface.

    I would rather see more successful customers featured and less flash and nonsense. Happy, successful, and satisfied customers should be the face of Go Daddy. No amount of advertising can replicate that. The customers are the best advertising.


  4. As always, the creativity that comes out of Godaddy’s marketing campaigns is amateurish at best.

    If Godaddy invested more energy thinking of customers they already have, they would trade-in the graphic designers for skilled developers and give their web site a complete overhaul, Probably the most cumbersome interface of the top ten.

  5. @ Trader

    Oh I didnt? If brown nosers like you didn’t patronize Godaddy to the degree you do, they would be a far better registrar for domainers as well as non domainers.

    • How was trader brown nosing?

      If anything it was me, and I have no complaints about GD except for perhaps their UI which is a but cumbersome. I find the company easy to deal with and they have competitive pricing. When I have issues, I address them with the appropriate party in a professional manner.

  6. @ Elliot,

    Claiming I haven’t seen it? meaning the interface is different, good, nothing wrong with it all, When of course we all know that it sucks.

    And trashing me for posting my opinion, He’s just another flaming DNF’r who has nothing better to do with his time.

    • I didn’t trash you or make any comments about you. I asked a question “How was trader brown nosing?” I also expressed my opinion about Godaddy, which had nothing to do with you or anything you posted on my blog.

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