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I noticed that Enom gave a special offer to buy .Rocks domain names in support of the team my New England Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday. I replied to them and jokingly asked about a offer code for Pats fans, too. Enom obliged and you can get a .Rocks domain name for $5.00 using the coupon code: GOPATS.

That Twitter exchange got me thinking a bit. I would be happy to share special offers, discounts, and coupon codes with blog readers of my blog if I think they would be of interest. Those coupon codes can be shared in the comment section here or emailed to me. If the offer is really good, I would be happy to share the offer in a blog post or a tweet on Twitter.

I think the best kind of deals are new domain name registrations (all extensions), domain name renewals, domain transfers, service discounts (domain tools, development, hosting…etc). The better the offer, the more likely I will want to share it. The likelihood of me using the discount should give you an idea of what constitutes a good deal to me.

There is absolutely no cost for sharing a special offer. Obviously, I am not going to use affiliate codes either. I think it’s mutually beneficial to share special deals with readers, and I am happy to do it.

If your company would like to share a special offer, please be in touch with me. You can also post the offer in the comment section here.


  1. How about a renewal code from Network Solutions to bring the price down from the ridiculous cost of $37 to renew one domain name.

    That company is a #%@^&%$# joke!!

  2. They should have offered .rip for the patriots. Arizona is packed with seahawk fans, not to many patriot fans.

    Better yet a coupon code for 10% off to bring the price from $60,000 to $54,000

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