Get In Touch With the Decision Maker


When you are looking to acquire a domain name, it’s important that you get in touch with a decision maker, who may not be the Whois contact. Oftentimes, someone in tech support or the IT department will be listed as the domain registrant, and that person may or may not forward your email to the appropriate party.

When I send an inquiry email for a domain name (usually that is unused), and I don’t hear back from the person I emailed, I think about why I didn’t hear back. I will search the company’s website to find out who I emailed and what their role is within the company. If it’s someone on the IT staff, I usually try to find the CEO’s or President’s contact information to get an answer.

As you probably know from your own email inbox, owners of good domain names are usually pounded with inquiries. It’s likely that a tech person deletes these emails since he or she doesn’t often have a say about whether they’re for sale, and there isn’t an incentive for them to pass the email along to the right person. 99% of the time, domain investors will simply not follow up, and oftentimes, end users won’t either or they won’t make an offer that’s worthwhile for someone to reply.

If you are able to get in touch with the decision maker, you’ll likely get an answer to your inquiry far more expeditiously, obviously depending on the size of the company and who that decision maker is. The thing I’ve learned is that the people who are persistent and make reasonable offers will get the courtesy of a reply and has a greater chance of closing a deal.


  1. That may apply for small corporation only. How can you get in touch with CEO or President of large corporation, if they are potential buyers? Impossible! Not by phone, not by email, not by FedEx.

  2. Nice advice! What about also giving a call to the potential buyer company? I know that 90% of the times there’re always secretaries-gatekeepers that always seemed to know everything, but anyway it’s always a chance

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