Funny Domain Name Story


When one of my closest friends had his daughter a few years ago, I bought her name .com domain name so she can use it in the  future. My friend’s sister created a video of her first few days, and I forwarded the domain name to the YouTube video page. I don’t know if she will ever want to use the domain name, but I am very happy to hang on to it for her.

Earlier this year, my friend and his wife had twins, and I purchased each of their domain names for them. They don’t have public YouTube video, so the domain names were just resolving on the default DNS I have set for the account, which happens to be Obviously, I didn’t add them to my DNS account, so they just resolve to the general website (until a minute ago when I forwarded them to my friend’s LinkedIn page.

All three of my friend’s children have unique names, so these three domain names were hand registrations.

This afternoon, I received a phone call followed by an email from a broker at Domain Name Sales. No, they were not inquiring about one of the coveted domain names I seem to get inquiries about regularly. The broker was calling to ask if I would sell one of my friend’s domain names. I explained that I bought them on behalf of a friend and wasn’t interested in selling. Perhaps my friend would want to sell it, but that would leave one twin without a domain name.

Of all the domain names I own, this is probably one of the very few I would ever expect to receive an inquiry about!


  1. I was watching a boxing match and a particular up-and-comer was making a brilliant performance. Knowing what would happen next, I grabbed his and promptly sent a letter to his agent letting him know I grabbed the name and I’d like to transfer it over free of charge, no catch.

    No reply, then three weeks later I get an email from an attorney claiming to represent (Boxer) asking how much I wanted for the domain? I told him nothing, I grabbed it because it only cost me (coupon code), I really enjoyed his performance and if I didn’t get it, someone would have who would’ve demanded payment. I want to give it to him.

    He replies with a THREATENING email demanding that if I don’t provide them with “the login informnation for (my) domain account”, I will be sued for blah blah.

    I told him to go ahead, let me know what day the process server will be coming so I can be sure to be home.

    He then replies puzzled, asking why I am now not interested in giving them the domain?

    Some people are just f*cking stupid.

    • Yes, I believe there is, but this inquiry did not come through my account because the domain name was never added to my account. Since it resolved on the DNS nameservers as a default, the domain resolved to the DNS homepage.

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