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As you know, I love to speculate on domain names. When I find a great keyword domain name that is unregistered, I generally register it or email it the idea to someone who might have an interest in that particular vertical. Lately, I’ve been slowly trimming down my domain portfolio, as I know it will be impossible to develop everything.
I’ve put many names up for sale in the $25 – $250 range, and I’ve seen moderate success. However, I am going to take it to the next step and give away some average names from my portfolio. While I don’t consider them to be gems, when I initially registered them I believed (or still believe) that the keywords were/are strong. Many of the names may be ripe for development, although they don’t receive much traffic now. Anyway, I will be giving away some of my domain names periodically throughout the next few weeks.
The first person to post “I’ll take it” gets the name. The only caveat is that the name must be pushed to another Moniker account. I don’t want to take too much time worrying about the EPP/authorization codes for a transfer to another registrar.
And the first domain name I am giving away for FREE is…


  1. Hi Elliot,
    I am a recent subscriber (and fairly new to the domain business) to your blog and really enjoy it, so thank you.
    I just wanted to say that based on what I’ve seen and bid on, if this name was droping at Namejet, it would likely go for a a few hundred bucks.

  2. Great idea Elliot. I too register some names that I decide later not to hold for an extended time. I actually started a Free section on our site…just 5 names there now, but I have 60 or so available. I like what you are doing. Smart to trim excess too when reg fees start to be $10k/yr, then 20, then 30 for a portfolio.

  3. Very cool of you to do Elliot! 🙂

    I recently picked up and was thinking it would be a great way for domainers to generate some goodwill among the masses who were late to the party and haven’t had the same opportunities to register great domains that we have…

    Would you be interested in participating?

    Awesome blog by the way! Very glad I came across it and subscribed to your feed…

    Take care,


    Hi Colin,
    I think it would be an easier process if I just give them away on my blog. It would make for a smooth domain push, but I appreciate the offer.

  4. Hi Elliot I met you at domainfest just after the auctions

    How will I know when will you give a name away?
    Will I be subscribed or do I have to visit your blog often.

    I have a account at Moniker


    It will be randomly, so please check back often or subscribe to my RSS feed.

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