DonaldTrump.Sucks Registered via This.Sucks


Kevin Murphy from wrote about  the  (brief) registration of Twitter.Sucks using the new This.Sucks platform. I was surprised to see that Twitter.Sucks had not been registered prior to Kevin’s article. A commenter mentioned another domain name that I was somewhat surprised to see hadn’t been previously registered.

Apparently, someone registered DonaldTrump.Sucks via the This.Sucks platform. Whois records show that the registrant is listed as, Inc, and the domain name was registered on December 18th.

As you likely know, Donald Trump is an American businessman who is currently running for President of the United States in the Republican Party. Mr. Trump uses for his presidential campaign website.

If you visit, you can see a forum has been set up with the This.Sucks platform. People can post comments on the website or add their own topics.

Visitors can learn more about This.Sucks by clicking the banner found on the right sidebar of the website. Here’s what the homepage for This.Sucks has to say about the platform:

This is a platform for those who are tired of the status quo. It’s your opportunity to tell ’em,, Whatever you passion or position, this is the perfect platform to make an impact. So create a site, craft your message and live by a new mantra:
Build. Post. Be Heard.

It is going to be very interesting to follow along as This.Sucks becomes more well known and famous brand names are registered.


  1. Hi Elliot! I didn’t get a chance to meet you at Namescon but I had a blast. Thought I would give you an update on the little page I created, I put up the page after reading your post and kind of forgot about it.

    I happened to take a look yesterday and to my surprise, the page has been upgraded by .sucks and has over 225,000 views. Crazy. Anyway, thought I would give you a follow up on that.

    Take care

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