DomainView Tool Can Help Find a Domain Name Buyer


I frequently use DomainTools’ domain search tool to seek out prospective buyers for my domain names. It’s easy to search for keywords within registered domain names, and I can use this information to identify prospective buyers for certain domain names my company owns.

I wrote about Verisign’s DomainView tool yesterday. Specifically, I shared insight about how the tool can help identify the person or entity that is behind an inquiry for a domain name. I also think the DomainView tool can be used to help find a prospective buyer in a similar manner to DomainTools’s domain search tool.

DomainView allows people to see what .com and .net domain names have been recently hand registered. Users can search specific keywords and a time period, and they are able to see the domain names that were registered within the search parameters. Users can then identify prospective buyers based on the domain names they registered.

Let’s use as an example because I used it as an example yesterday. If I see that a newly established company just registered a bunch of lilac related domain names, I may want to email them to see if they want to buy the best possible domain name for their venture. They may be hand registering domain names because they don’t want to spend the money on the aftermarket, but your opening a dialog may start a conversation for the future. They may not have even known it was available to purchase.

Just like any type of inquiry of this nature, the company you email may think it has the rights to your domain name, and emailing them could become basis for a UDRP or lawsuit. Assuming you owned the domain name before they started the company, I imagine you should be in a defensible position. However, there are plenty of scummy people that incorrectly assume domain investors and domain speculators are “cybersquatters,” and they may try the legal approach if your domain name is too expensive for them to buy. I suppose it is one of the big risks of investing in domain names, but it’s always good to warn you about a potential pitfall.

If you spend time sending outbound inquiries via email or phone, I think the DomainView tool can show you fresh prospects for your domain names. At the very least, it can give you insight about keyword domain names that are registered that are similar to your domain names.


  1. Excellent tool and it’s really helpful, with combination with other search instruments can showing the trend and what other people recently looking for…

    Thank you for sharing with us.

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