Newsletter on Mondays to Feature Domains for Sale

According to Francois Carrillo, Monday is the most active day for business in the domain industry. People are excited to get back to work, and many start their day by reading the newsletter to see if anything important happened over the weekend and what’s going on during the week.

Because much of the news during the weekend is less important (personally, I just had a Saturday post with weekly updates) than during the work week, Francois has decided to work with domain brokers to use Monday’s newsletter as a domain sales platform.

Domain brokers and domain owners will be able to work with Francois to list their domain names for sale. With an audience of thousands of readers, it seems like a decent way to close some sales, assuming domain investors continue to read the Monday newsletter.

I’ve had some success paying for advertising on, selling several domain names this year that were likely seen with the higher visibility placement at the top of, combined with the top newsletter placement.

Apparently, the Monday domain sales newsletter is already paying dividends. I’ve been told that a sale was already made within two minutes of the newsletter’s delivery this morning featuring Media Option’s brokered domain names.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “Apparently, the Monday domain sales newsletter is already paying dividends. I’ve been told that a sale was already made within two minutes of the newsletter’s delivery this morning featuring Media Option’s brokered domain names.”

    Wow! Congratulations, Media Options!

    • Good question… according to the newsletter:

      “If you own a bargain domain you would like to feature here you are welcome to contact us with the domain and price. We charge $100/listed name, only $50 if the domain is listed in a marketplace powered by”

  2. Yeah, but he charges people to receive his news letter. What kind of sense does that make? Instead of doing everything to get the news letter to as many people as possible, you have to pay to get an email?

  3. Sorry Uzoma but i think you misunterpretated the newsletter. Francois is referring about the listing for sale and if sold.

    Tnanks Francois for your newsletter type. The problem as you know is always the same. We can send the best of our domains (who knows what are the best domains except those that bought it and build her/he own web site?) and the broker refuse it with or without any explanation. I give you an example: this moment a known broker is trying to sell my as he thinks he will have some buyers in food and beverages maybe interested on this domain. However if i submit this same domain to a broker he refuses and tells me that edo not want to promote it? Why? He/she don´t likes wine? He/she don´like houses of wine or wine houses?

    Thanks Francois

  4. @Carlos

    This is one of the reasons I do not want to sell listings in a sales commission basis to domainers in the newsletter:
    – First because generally it’s the ones that have the most crap that use to contact you to list their names, normal.
    – Second because I do not have the skills to appreciate the value of all domains plus this is very time consuming and I am too busy developping and maintaining services.
    – Third, because everyone think the domains he owns are good and rarely understand his listing be declined. So if I can avoid to have more Uzomas…
    – Fourth, because the main idea is feature brokers flipping domains and not launch another competing newsletter.

    So this option is only available to let domainers convinced they have very good deals that should sell advertise in the newsletter without care about my personal appreciation.

  5. yes, i am sure you are right in what you say but it seems you think that all domainer come to here or to another blog just for advertise or call attention to a particular domain he/she wants to sell.
    I have more than 250 domains and think that only speak about the last just one time even do not referring the broker.

    but i am sure you have your own reasons as you are an experienced domainer in the market.

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