.CO Auction at Pool Ends at Noon (EST)


The .CO domain auction currently taking place at Pool will be ending in about an hour and a half, at noon EST. Since the domain names have no reserve price, I believe almost all (if not all) have bids on them right now.

Six auctions currently have bids over $1,000, and InjuryLawyers.CO currently has a high bid of over $10,000. Keep in mind, you must have an account at Pool to bid (with a credit card on file).

At the moment, the ten domain names with the highest bid prices are:

  • injurylawyers.co $10,100
  • omg.co $2,500
  • hub.co $1,350
  • seoul.co $1,300
  • legacy.co $1,050
  • accidentlawyers.co $1,025
  • standard.co $875
  • getaway.co $830
  • insight.co $825
  • lawn.co $824
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  1. Hi Elliot,

    Thanks as always for the updates.

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen an auction were all the names had bids. I think I saw an auction where 95% were bid on, but that’s it. A testament to no reserve auctions? What do you think?

  2. @ em

    Very likely, but most people wouldn’t take a chance. IMO, since they are owned by the Registry, there is essentially very little “acquisition” cost, so every sale is likely all profit (minus commission).

  3. I think there is some cost as Registry put ad banners on many sites so I think it cost them some money.

    You mentioned Elliot few .co`s which you liked it.
    Have you bought anything?

    • @ adam

      That is somewhat true. The banner on my blog was already reserved (and in use) by the Registry prior to the auction, so they didn’t pay any more for it.

      I did not win any auctions, but I did not win.

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