“Domaining.com has been apparently compromised”


According to a tweet from the Twitter account of Domaining.com, the Domaining.com website may have been compromised. I have not independently confirmed the veracity of the tweet:

I do not have details about what information may have been accessed, but I would imagine a big concern for Domaining.com users is passwords. Users with accounts on Domaining.com should strongly consider changing duplicate passwords on other services. In addition, other industry service providers should be aware of this issue to be on the lookout for logins that may be utilizing duplicate passwords.

It is always advisable to not reuse passwords on different websites and platforms. You might also consider using different logins when possible. In addition, using 2 factor authentication is always recommended.

I hope Francois provides more information about this and highlights this on Domaining.com so more people are made aware of the issue.

If I learn more about this, I will share it.

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  1. Thanks Elliot for sharing the security alert.
    Now that login has been closed, my priority is to contact all our members about the breach, to ensure they change their passwords on others services if they are using the same or a similar one.
    So I will make a point about the breach later.

    • I never received contact from yourselves advising of the breach. I was informed by Norton internet security. Scarily, it wasn’t just an email address that was compromised. It was all this information: Password, Full Name, PayPal Account Email, IP Address-32 Bit

  2. Domain investing is nearly dead, not many are interested anymore tbh

    Single names have no pull over quality content which means ,,,, no value ,,, which means ,,,, your website will become a ghost town

    It nearly is already comparing to 7 years ago

    Domain investing is a thing of the past soon just like domain parking

    Time to move on soon elliot

    Its over

    • 2020 was the best year my business ever had and 2021 will probably be the third best year barring any unexpected large sales. Domain investing is far from dead, but I’m sorry if it’s not working out for you.

      You can look at this year’s record setting DNJournal YTD sales report to see how the market is doing. All sales in the top 100 public are six figures. That’s the tip of the iceberg.

  3. The Truth is this is the START of domains being valuable not the end.
    As Dan said, 2021 is a record breaker and we have still 2 months to go.

    The truth is many have failed to secure domains of value when they had the chance.
    The truth is domains will be around long after we are all dead.
    The truth is domain parking is still alive and well.
    The truth is it may be over for YOU, It is not over for those that have done their homework.

    The truth is domains are still at a fraction of their value mostly because of domainers not realizing the TRUE value of their domains.

    That’s the truth!

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