Domainer Tradeshow Canceled



According to a tweet this morning from its Twitter account, the Domainer Tradeshow that was scheduled for October 2-3 at the Mission Point Resort in Mackinac Island, Michigan has been canceled. Apparently, this is due to a lack of reservations and registrations. I have confirmed this with the event organizer, Doug Haan, who issued the following statement:

As of 10 a.m. this morning, the resort has notified me that it has no registrations/reservations for the Oct 2-3, 2013 event and we are canceling it and moving on with plans for May, 2014. Hope to see many of you then!”

I give credit to Haan for attempting to organize this domain industry event, but I think it’s critical to get the word out sooner. In addition, it might be helpful for him to ask people in the industry if they are willing to come to that location for an event of this nature. I think it might be tough to get a large group together on an island in Michigan, but that is a matter of personal opinion.

There is nothing wrong with small get togethers of course. If that is the goal, Haan might consider changing the name because a “tradeshow” implies a large scale event and people might be disappointed if they come for a tradeshow and there are just a few people in attendance.

I wish Haan the best in his effort to organize an event for May.


  1. I think you nailed it, Elliot.

    The location is difficult to get to. So basically it would be a boondoggle/vacation for some people. But in order to go, you need a lot of advanced notice.

  2. I gave some consideration to attending also..the place looks charming. I think a small affordable conference would be great and wanted to support Dougs efforts but the travel arrangements were a nightmare for me. Expensive and inconvenient. But maybe next year!

  3. Notice the TOTAL absence of bullshit in his tweet? No delusions, no internal-monologue rationalization, just flat out truth in an otherwise negative situation.

    Scheduled, nobody registered. Cancelled. Trying again next year.

    Do you realize how many people in that exact same position would embellish or lie? Talk about how they’re having to ‘refund’ tickets that never existed, etc?

    That’s my estimation.
    9 of 10 people, in that exact same situation, would NOT be able to do what he just did. One of Jack Welch’s greatest realizations was the enormous drag bullshit- at all levels- imparts on a business.

    “Politeness”, sugar-coating, how ‘professionalism’ was often just another word for not getting straight to the fucking point… and delusions. People who avoid the truth because they don’t like it.

    Whoever this guy is, immediately move his resume to the “Hire” pile.

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