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During my daily Whois lookups, I frequently see domain names registered at NameView, using a privacy guard. On many of these domain names, there is a note in the Whois listing indicating that the name might be for sale – or is at least potentially available to acquire. The message says, is  authorized  by  the  domain  owner  to  facilitate  the  sale  of  this  domain.”

Until today, I always passed on these domain names figuring the acquisition cost would be too great for me, however, I figured I would take a shot and inquire about a domain name I was interested in buying. In order to make an offer for one of the domain names, you need to sign up for an account, providing name, company name, and contact information. I am sure this is to deter tire kickers and others who aren’t serious about buying a domain name. It also gives the domain owner the opportunity to learn a bit about potential buyers.

Today, I decided I would sign up for an account and found that this registration process was simple and fairly quick. I was then able to search for domain names using keywords of interest, and I would be able to make offers on domain names I was interested in buying. On certain domain names, they have an error message that shows up if the offer doesn’t meet their minimum valuation. The domain names certainly aren’t cheap, but these are great domain names and makes it easy for a potential buyer to put his best offer in front of the owner.

I found that when I searched for domain names that ended with certain keywords, there would always be no results, so I assume there is some sort of programming error there. I found it pretty simple to search, although I think it would be great if I could do advanced searches for keywords + keyword exclusions…etc. With all the domain names that they are brokering, I think an advanced search function could help make it easier to acquire names. However, the domain names aren’t really priced to sell quickly.

If you haven’t checked out yet, you might consider doing it. Just realize that you aren’t going to find domain names that are underpriced.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. If it is proprietary info I understand but is it possible to post a name or two that is reasonably priced from domainbrokers as an exam[ple?

    The reason I ask is so many of my names I buy from buydomains. Some are laughily overpriced and some are bargains so I buy the bargains. DomainBrokers however has scared me away many times before where I don’t even make an offer the second I see their lander or contact page. Usually get quoted 50k for a long tail 700 exact match on google..basically a $300-$700 name depending on subject.

    Thanks always for the great posts!

  2. Yeah mms, that’s what I figured.

    No doubt them and nokta have a lot of awesome names but man, there is 10s of millions or more on the sidelines willing to scoop up a lot of their names.

    yes, the break up value can be in the billions but it will never be realized on type in alone and mathematically pricing 700,000 names on pure break up value won’t maximize for them or the cash on the sidelines so I go elsewhere until it’s a match for both parties.

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