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Another day, another good deal. Today I am selling has sold. There are 271,000 Google listings for the term “saxophonists.” One cool idea would be to build a website/blog with profiles of famous saxophonists like Bird, Coltrane, and Michael Brecker (who I saw live). To monetize the website, you can add mini shops/widgets with cds from these artists in addition to Adsense banners.
Come to think of it, if the name isn’t sold by the end of business today, that’s what I will do with it! The name is registered at Moniker, and my blog is the only place I will list it for sale.


  1. Or create a directory of saxophonists, and let people who are in bands and looking for a sax player to find one there.
    add in a forum, product directory and if you can’t make $300-$400 per month in sponsorships off a site like this within a year you don’t deserve to be in the business.

  2. Wow, I would have thought that would be worth way more than that. If that dropped it would probably go for 8k + at snapnames. Funny old world !
    I really like Gordons idea, maybe you could even have a sound demo or video upload function for them to show off their talents. Get enough people interested and then hunt down some advertisers for banner ads.
    Good luck either way, very nice name.

  3. Bonkers, you are right. However, if you have a good site that looks legit (and not like you did it in your basement on frontpage) with decent SEO they will come to you.

  4. Ron,
    That would be a tough market to crack as most colleges don’t really advertise. The online college / degree market however is incredibly competitive, with affiliate programs paying BIG bucks for someone just to fill out a “send me information” form.
    Sponsorships for the average site isn’t easy, but if you have a blue chip domain it is much easier. If you have a good looking site it is easier. If you have high google rankings they will come to you. If you don’t have #1, then you must have #3 and hopefully #2. That has been my experience at least.

  5. thanks Gordon….i feel like i have some really good names but parking doesnt seem to work and I cant seem to get into an auction either….PPC is small so i was trying to figure out sponsors or 2nd party ads…..

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