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Beer WeekA couple of months ago, I was negotiating to buy the domain name at Sedo, but I couldn’t agree on the price with the seller. I just noticed a new website on, and it appears that another company acquired the domain name.

The strategy of the new website on is similar to what I envisioned, and I want to discuss why I like it and think it’s a good idea. Perhaps it will give you some ideas for your own domain names, and as I am writing this and thinking about the site, I am also thinking about a couple names I own, and

There are dozens of “Beer Week” events that take place in various US cities and in countries around the world. Most of the events are unrelated to each other, but they obviously focus on beer. The owner of has turned the site into a resource for people who want to learn about the different “Beer Weeks.”

It almost seems that is the primary brand for these individual “Beer Weeks,” despite the fact that they are likely unrelated. For instance, there is an informational page about American Craft Beer Week, and that event is managed by a different Colorado company.

Having the “more generic” term that encompasses these various events should help the site rank well in Google and Bing when people do long tail searches for the events covered in the site. For instance, I wouldn’t be surprised for to rank just after when people search for American Craft Beer Week because of its seemingly close relation with the event and the keyword match.

For monetization, the company can use Adsense (which it’s using), and as it grows, it can sell advertising space directly to the event organizers. It can also charge other Beer Week organizers for links on the site if it so chooses, and it could even sell tickets to different beer week events, or possibly use hotel affiliate links for people looking to travel to different Beer Weeks.

One next step could be offering advice/consulting on how to start and manage a beer week for people interested in doing their own event. Another next step could be to get in touch with brewers and see which companies are interested in participating in Beer Weeks and organize its own Beer Week. Finally, the company could opt to organize its own Beer Week(s), and use the revenue from that to expand and/or acquire other events.

In any case, it’s neat to see a domain name I almost purchased launched with a website model I thought would work. I am going to continue following the site’s progress, and perhaps some day, I will find the time to do something similar with and/or

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I had a similar aim with my Real Ale – real ale is what we Brits call the brown warm sludgy stuff we enjoy drinking.

    In the UK the Campaign for Real Ale works as a bit of a controlling influence, refusing to have anything to do with beer festivals they haven’t organised.

    But there are plenty of independent beer festivals around and putting them all in one place is a good idea.

    I’ll keep an idea on – it’s a nice looking site.

  2. looks interesting, will keep an eye on it too. The tickets is definitely the most profitable route, but also the most work.

  3. i guess the audience here is willing to pay.

    biketours targets also an audience that is willing to pay.

    Some would say you target a niche here but the fact is your targetting an audience that is willing to invest time and money into their hobby attracts people who brew beer.. There is actuallu alot of people brew their own beer and are proud of it and hold competitions., falls into the same category.. people wanna be healthy and fork out cash .

    With one website i focus on guns and these people are willing to fork out cash for their hobby and adds convert well .

    With another website i focus on anime , tv shows, comics, zero conversion.. even though it attracts more visitors. This audience knows how to get stuff for free and this is the reason it will not convert .

    i went off topic here. But it is importanted if you are getting more and more domains.

  4. Elliot,
    Great ideas! I am sitting on a couple of beer related sites that I eventually want to develop when I get the time. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Mars

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