Daily Poll: Registering .App Domain Names?


.App domain names are now available to pre-register. TheDomains.com reported on the early success of .App registrations. Domain registrars like GoDaddy are offering people the opportunity to pre-register .App domain names with prices on a sliding scale based on the pre-registration date.

I looked up some .App domain names but I did not pull the trigger. I am not sure if I am going to buy any, but I wouldn’t rule it out either. Have you pre-registered any .App domain names or are you planning on buying any when they are available to the general public?


  1. It is hard to register them, fun to search, just the clicking the buy button my hand cramps up.

    Lots of good ones, at high renewal cost and hi initial cost.

    We have about 10 .blog and ZERO inquires, but new gTLD’s are not short term investments like .com

  2. @TP

    I agree — you could probably quick flip some premium key words like crypto, coin, blockchain, sex, casino, etc — but it’s a risky investment unless you’re planning to launch an app.

    I’m content with my mostly .com, and .me, .ai, .org domains.

    I do believe the .app extension will work well for app developers.

  3. Was going to buy a keyword .App domain name until I saw that HugeDomains is selling KeywordApp .com for under $2,500. Not enough in it for me if I would be competing with that option.

  4. After seeing your posts I got cryptocoin.app for a decent price. I will stop at just one. Anyone know the renewal cost?

  5. I just registered 5:

    Kurzreise.app (“short trip” in German)
    Kurzreisen.app (“short trips” in German)
    Sonnerie.app (“Ringtone” in French)

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