Controlling Interest in Sold for $100 Million


According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, and also reported in Tech Crunch, Liberty Media has paid $100 million to acquire a controlling stake in Liberty Media is an investor in Internet holding company, IAC, parent company of,,, and many other category leading websites. hosts both a fitness social networking community/forum with 100,000 participants, and it is an e-commerce website with body building supplies, vitamin supplements and fitness clothing. According to the Tech Crunch article (citing ComScore figures), received over 2 million unique visitors in November.
Domain investors often cite as one of the few companies that built an entire business around a category killer generic domain name. While this is certainly true, I think there are many other companies, like, that have built strong businesses around a category killer generic domain name. A category killer domain name doesn’t necessarily have to be mainstream to become a $100 million business. Sometimes niche category killer domain names can be just as effective, as long as a solid business plan is in place.


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  2. From Internet Retailer magazine… had web revenues of nearly $65 million, expecting revenue of $90m in 2007 and over $120m for 2008

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