Contest: Guess the Sale Price of


I told you about the upcoming auction of on NameJet. Backorders for the auction need to be placed by March 19th, and the no reserve auction will run from March 20-23. There are already over 300 bidders and the current bid is close to $4,000.

I am running another contest on my blog, and the winner will receive a $200 bidding credit on NameJet, courtesy of me. The person who guesses closest to the final closing price of the no reserve auction will be the winner. If there’s a tie, the $200 bid credit will be divided amongst the winners.

Entries must be submitted via comment in this post by March 20th at 10 AM eastern time. Post your best guess before the entry close date. One guess per person, and if you guess more than once, you are disqualified. Also, the winner does not need to tell me his or her NameJet bidding handle. I will email Matt Overman your email address and you can connect with him to have the bidding credit added to your account.

*I wasn’t asked or compensated in to post this contest, and I am personally paying for the NJ credit.


  1. Elliot is it like “The Price Is Right” ? Closest without going over ? Because if its $50,000 and someone is at $49,999 and someone else $50,001 they are both $1 away.

    And can more than one person pick the same number ?

  2. Love these contests you seem to put out every other day Elliot!

    If I had to guess a price, I would say $17,500. It’s a good domain, but the dot org hurts.

  3. Looking at the names in the auction there are a lot of domainers that are curious, a few regular higher rollers… but I only see a couple of potential big hitters…

    Not sure this will go as high as I though. Hope I’m wrong for the seller’s sake.

    Good contest go. See it is advertised on!

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