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I spent some time working with Craig Rowe of WhyPark and want to share some good news that some of you may have heard about in Vancouver at the Traffic conference. Next week, it is expected that WhyPark will debut a bundle of special domain apps that domain owners can add to their websites. At first, 8 apps will be available, and the company has plans to add somewhere around 30 in the near future.

The apps I am most interested in adding to some of my websites include:

  • Hotel Listings
  • Business Directory
  • Weather Report
  • Twitter Feeds
  • YouTube Videos

Craig set up one name for me, which you can have a look at to get an idea of how the apps can be used. Have a look at, and you can see I have used the Hotel Listings, YouTube Videos, Weather Report, and Twitter Feeds on the site. These apps can help keep visitors engaged on your website, can   help bring traffic (in conjunction with custom content), and can help you generate more revenue on your names as a result of this.

Probably the most exciting domain app for me is the Business Directory, as businesses will be able to sign up and pay for a directory listing via monthly Paypal subscription. Craig previously set up so that people can see how the directory looks and how it works.

One reason I am excited about it is because I can add it to a site like, and I can have a breeder directory by type of bird breed or state. It’s a great way to drive more recurring revenue, in addition to the PPC links. WhyPark already helped optimize the revenue on, and now the new apps will bring a new revenue stream.

The second reason I am excited is that it will allow me (and others) to set up directories on their websites very easily. I would probably work with my designer to create a custom template and then add the domain app to the site. Had I not wanted to do a fully custom site on, this could have been a good option to save time and money.

Since the apps haven’t been publicly released yet, I don’t have results yet, but it’s clear that it’s a big advancement for the company. Domain owners are able to build their sites individually or in bulk, just as they are able to do so at WhyPark now.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. It looks/feels a bit like DevHub and their widgets they have, however a bit cleaner look.

    I guess the big difference is being able to sell your own ads on WhyPark.

    DevHub has a new interface they just released but I have not checked it out yet. I wonder what they have going on now, and if these new features are a head-on competetion b/t the two?

    It looks like a definite improvement for WhyPark.

    Congrat’s WhyPark.

  2. very nice – much more engaging than a generic parked site – however, i would be very wary of collecting email addresses (i’m not a lawyer but i don’t think simply stating the privacy policy will shield the website operator from liability) – plus, there’s also potential reputational risk – seems like a good deal of risk w/ little reward.

  3. I think Whypark stayed behind Devhub, Noomle and Epik in updates and development. Small apps like that may not shake the fact that others are a head in features they provide. The most important thing that Whypark needs to focus on is the problem with the de-indexation of the customer’s sites in the search engine index.
    Good Luck

  4. The deindexing is a huge problem. There are several threads on the Parked/Whypark forum about it. I’m not sure how much custom content those sites had, but I think G is weeding out parked sites in general. I had 20 names parked at Namedrive, and they’re all sandboxed. Whypark is a much better platform than Namedrive, but I’m hesitant to have more names disappear. It’s a lot harder to sell a domain that can’t be found anywhere.

  5. I’m just off parking in general these days because of the transparency issues. Kudos, and my domains, to the first parking company that makes the numbers /rev. share data public.

    One way around the Google de-indexing problem is to park with them. If you have traffic domains it’s worth a try. While they only accepted about half of the domains I submitted, the income has been better and more consistent than other parking companies I tried.
    The problem is that it’s a wonky interface and difficult to set up.

  6. please let me suggest ::

    whypark may b able to consider to adOpt certain
    business-models o’ epik , e.g. –
    – long-term dev o’ client’s dn , then , profit-shaing w/ client
    – dn barter
    – dn barter for that dev cost

    “` long-term dev o’ client’s dn , then , profit-shaing w/ client “”
    4 example
    ‘the apple doesnt manufacture any iphone ,
    it contract out ‘the manuf to foxconn – the contract-manufacturer

    sorry am not any native English speaker


  7. I was trying to signup for account, but was unable. The support did not provide any information why my account submission was rejected. I own about 1800 domains and many were sold for more than $1000 USD. Anybody knows what is going on with this service? This is the email I got from support:


    The account review department looks at many different factors during the reviewal process. Unfortunately, they did not deem your account to be a good fit for us at this time.



  8. Eliot,

    Obviously I want to develop domains without much traffic now and execute some SEO packages, once the mini site is completed.

    The domains I have submitted are: (appraised at $2100 on estibot, Average Monthly Keyword Searches: 452,640, PPC: $2.08). Rejected few offers above $1000 for this domain already as I want to develop it. The possibilities are endless: Industrial Property For Sale, Industrial Equipment For sale, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Consultancy, Industrial Machinery etc.

    The other ones: (major airport in Thailand). (bags) (another great product)

    There is no clear way to re-submit different domains, as I have a list of 1800 domains and some of them are probably worth >10,000 USD

    I have sent them a list , but no response… Here is my ful list:


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