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One of the best domain investor acquisitions in the recent past that I can recall was just announced by Andrew Rosener via Twitter. His company, Media Options, acquired The deal was first spotted and reported on Twitter by Jamie Zoch:

Prior to the acquisition, the domain name had been owned by telecommunications giant Sprint. From what I can tell, that domain name appears to have been acquired as part of Sprint’s acquisition of Clearwire in 2013.

It looks like Andrew’s company has plans to use as part of its domain brokerage business. currently forwards to a landing page within the Media Options website, and here’s what Media Options has planned for

“CLEAR™ was built to solve a problem that our domain brokers faced internally. When a client comes to us, or any domain broker for that matter, looking for a new domain brand for their company, product or service; we could previously only provide them with the domain name options that either we own, are exclusively brokering currently, or other domains that are actively for sale which are “front of mind” and visible in the market through other domain brokers and marketplaces. Now, with CLEAR™, our brokers are able to provide a clear view of the holistic domain name aftermarket, including what we call “whisper listings”, or “off-market” listings; domains which could be bought if you are the right buyer, but they are not on the market. Through our extensive network, over 2 decades of domain experience & the technology that we’ve built, our clients can now select from and filter the World’s largest and most highly curated selection of the best domain names on Earth. We call it the “Top 2% of Domain Names”.” is an exceptional domain name, and I would not be shocked to see it sold in the future if the right offer comes around.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Great name. This is just a marketing ploy to get the name out in front of the public. He is way to smart to use such a great name for domain brokerage. It will be sold just like was sold.

    • Exactly. Great name, but it’s CLEARly another marketing stunt of the Panama-based guy …
      By his own admission, Rosener is a trader, not a developer … (a random example? anyone?) and this domain will be resold as usual …

  2. Nothing new…all it takes is money.

    I rather see news about domainers hand reg and resell for big bucks using creativity.

    I am more interested in small time investors picking up low cost stocks and making lots of money…now that is exciting news.

    I bought tesla at $50,Microsoft at 21$,homedepot at $19,Starbucks at $16…looking for more IPOs

  3. As Todd stated…Yes, All these guys say we are using this name for our new brokerage service blah blah, Booth does the same thing, so when they deal with the sale they make this story about big plans etc

    • I think the opposite is true. If you own plots of land in different locations, how is that a liability over time? That is how investments mature which offer a greater ROI.

      If you build on that land with capital, There is a greater risk of liability and many more ways to fail if the business is not managed correctly. A failing business on a great domain name can lose the name.

      I believe every generic domain name should have a site or business on it, but that should not be the liability of the owner.

        • So what you going to do with the domain and how much you paid for it?
          Will it be used to solve hunger, income inequality ,social injustice, racial discrimination or global warming?

        • I never come across anyone is this industry buying domains “to solve hunger, income inequality ,social injustice, racial discrimination or global warming”.

          Let’s stop the fake social justice nonsense, it is almost as spew worthy as the stuff about the domain being a liability.

    • Oh yes, this name sounds like a huge liability! I can just imagine they are about to get swamped with negative dollar amounts to take on the burden of this liability.

  4. Its feels and seems like trickery as Todd and others identified. If you’re grounded on the value of what you own then this isn’t needed.

  5. Paul Stahura sold this domain to clearwire for several hundred thousand years ago. Good to see it flipping around. I suspect the airport check-in people have wanted this domain for a while.

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