Check Out This Micco Ad in Miami


Two of my favorite things are domain names and the Boston Red Sox (with the exception of this terrible, horrible season). My wife and I have a Red Sox season ticket package, and we get to Fenway Park as often as possible.

I was scrolling through Facebook earlier today, and I saw a highlight from the Red Sox game against the Miami Marlins. The highlight was for a Rafael Devers home run, but that is not what caught my attention. Have a look:

If you guessed it was the homeplate and outfield billboards with a .CO domain name being advertised, you win the jackpot. Miccosukee Resort & Gaming is advertising with the Micco.CO url. Visiting that domain name takes you to its website,

What’s interesting about this url is that it is not the brand (as far as I know), the billboard doesn’t have any context, and there is no http:// or www to ensure people understand it’s a domain name to visit. Although I enjoy playing blackjack and have spent quite a bit of time in south Florida, I was not familiar with the Miccosukee Resort before seeing this .CO advertisement. Perhaps the resort is known as Micco, so the local audience would recognize the branding.

In any case, it’s not often that two of my favorite things collide, so enjoy one highlight from this wasted baseball season.

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  1. The Miccosukee and Seminole tribes have created a challenge for legalizing sportsbetting in the State of Florida, with politicians, investors, major sportsbet brands, trying to figure out how to carve up the multibillion dollar sportsbet pie.

    IMO, they will resolve this in 2021.

    Per the Sox, I’ve been a fan since the age of 7, w/my late granddad a scout for the Sox…as a kid, I remember road trips with him to see the Sox play spring training games in Winter Haven…I remember Mo Vaughn launching a 500 ft plus arching bomb into an orange grove in 1988 or 89.

    No complaints: 4 titles since 2004, but I can’t understand trading a future first ballot HOF player in Mookie Betts…he’s still in prime yrs, but it’s Mr. Henry’s money, not mine…

    This rebuild will take a few years

  2. I particularly enjoyed the bar at the end of the road, forgotten the name. The women were fearless and not shy about getting what they wanted. Quite literally they’d grab you off the dance floor. Loved that. 🙂 But going back to the domaining insight you kindly shared with us, do you think this creates a new market for domains? Does this create value in the “Cambrian explosion” of TLD’s?

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