Free Domain Name!


As I did last time, I am offering a free domain name to the first person to respond with a Moniker account. I am paring down my portfolio, and I am happy to give a name to someone who likes it.
Today’s free domain name is: Clutzes.com

New York February Domainer Dinner


We will be getting together for our monthly New York Domainer Dinner on February 26th at 7pm at Naples 45. Last time we had a nice turnout of 12 people, and it was great to meet other likeminded people in the domain space. Naples 45 is a nice Italian and pizza restaurant in the vicinity of Grand Central Terminal. The restaurant is less busy during dinner, which should facilitate good conversation.
If you are not on my email list, please drop me a note and I will add you. Let me know if you can make it so I can be sure our reservation is accurate. See you on the 26th!

Free Domain Name!


As you know, I love to speculate on domain names. When I find a great keyword domain name that is unregistered, I generally register it or email it the idea to someone who might have an interest in that particular vertical. Lately, I’ve been slowly trimming down my domain portfolio, as I know it will be impossible to develop everything.
I’ve put many names up for sale in the $25 – $250 range, and I’ve seen moderate success. However, I am going to take it to the next step and give away some average names from my portfolio. While I don’t consider them to be gems, when I initially registered them I believed (or still believe) that the keywords were/are strong. Many of the names may be ripe for development, although they don’t receive much traffic now. Anyway, I will be giving away some of my domain names periodically throughout the next few weeks.
The first person to post “I’ll take it” gets the name. The only caveat is that the name must be pushed to another Moniker account. I don’t want to take too much time worrying about the EPP/authorization codes for a transfer to another registrar.
And the first domain name I am giving away for FREE is…

Lowell.com Project Moving to Lowell.com Blog


After receiving a great suggestion from my buddy Adam Strong, I decided to move the Lowell.com Project development discussion to the Lowell.com website. You can find the newly set-up blog at blog.lowell.com. I just posted an introductory post on the Lowell.com blog, and will continue this project discussion over there beginning on Monday.
To avoid adding another blog that you might want to check every day, I will update this blog to let you know when I posted something new on the Lowell.com blog. I hope we all can learn together and gain from this experience. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback – both positive (and negative)!

Domain Security Alert


I found a link to David Airey’s blog on a forum and I think it’s important to read this. Had his registrar enabled a security key fob system, this theft could have been prevented. It’s scary to know that email accounts can be hacked, but its even scarier to know that if it happens, all of your domain names could be vulnerable.

Consumers can purchase insurance policies in the event valuables are stolen, but due to the nature of domain names, I don’t think coverage for theft events exist. Sure, a domain investor can fight to get his names back using the court system, but that is costly and takes a great deal of time. Valuable SEO rankings can be lost in the time a website is down, costing a business thousands of dollars in losses.

I think its about time a registrar makes domain name security impenetrable from outside theft.   As far as I am concerned, the best way to do it is using a security key fob. When will a registrar take action and make domain theft a thing of the past?

Poll: Domain Registrar Security Key Fob


By special request, I am posting a poll to see if my readers would be willing to pay a premium to register/maintain their domain names at a registrar that distributes security key fobs to its registrants. Of course, the answer may depend on the actual cost, but I am looking for more of a general consensus. This comes on the heels of this morning’s post about Security Key Fobs.

Due to the poll causing my blog to become distorted to some viewers, I took it down. The numbers were pretty significant, with 78% of those that voted saying they would pay more for the fob.

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