Brian Null on Founding Team of Brook


I use Twitter quite a bit, but I’ve done my best to keep the number of people I follow to a minimum (right around 200 or so). I do this because I don’t want to miss something interesting from one of these people as a result of having too much “junk” in my news feed. Long time domain investor, Brian Null of, is on the founding team of a new Twitter product called Brook that can help people like me.

The way Brook works is that I can select specific people I follow on Twitter that I deem important. In the morning, Brook sends me a summary of the top tweets from the people I chose as important to me. This should prevent me from missing articles and messages from people I respect, and it will allow me to follow additional people on Twitter.  It’s a great way to keep tabs on friends, colleagues,  competitors, and publications, while opening up my Twitter feed to additional people and businesses

Venture capitalist and CEO Brent Beshore and Founder Jamie Stephens originally built Brook for their own use to help them manage the Twitter  noise.  Brook became such a valuable part of their daily routine; they shared it  with some friends and colleagues.  The positive feedback from those early  users convinced Brent and Jamie they had something other Twitter users would  find beneficial, so they brought on Brian and Dave Oster to round out the  team as they roll out publicly.

One suggestion I think would be helpful would be to give users the option to receive a morning and afternoon update. Perhaps Brook could even send out a real time email if a tweet becomes particularly popular. This would allow users to take action on a tweet that is time sensitive.

Try out Brook when you have a chance and see if it helps you as it’s helping me.


  1. Hi Elliot, thanks so much for the coverage on Brook!

    Good suggestions on the options for getting your Brook at different times. We recently rolled out a Weekly Brook and have been discussing an “Evening Edition.”

    Early users like yourself have provided great feedback on the ways they use Brook we had not even considered. Love that.


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