Blake Irving Discusses H-1B Visas on CNBC

Earlier this week, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving penned a highly cited article on LinkedIn discussing H-1B visas. The strong lead-in to the article shows how dire Blake believes the situation is right now:  “The entire US economy is at stake with Trump’s draft work-visa order.”

I don’t recall seeing GoDaddy take such a leading position on a politicized topic such as this. I don’t know enough about the issue to have an educated opinion right now, but I admire  Blake for being brave enough to take such a public stance on the topic.

This morning, Blake made an appearance on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street to discuss his position regarding H-1B visas. The video is embedded below.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. CNBC has some great advert videos but I can’t watch the Blake Irving interview as your link just plays another ad instead. It’s not a browser issue as I went to the CNBC article and watched it there (An ad + the interview w/o issues)

  2. The problem is NEVER having the “right talent” it’s ALWAYS the HR department doing the hiring.

    When you are talking about IT and tech work, the HR person doing the hiring has no idea what the job really entails. This is an issue when doing an interview since they rarely judge someone on the quality of the work they do. Since HR has no f*cking idea what they do.

    Once a CEO of a company said to me, “We are hiring Java developers right now. I have no idea what these people do or what they do for us, but we are hiring for these positions.” They’ve spent a year and half looking for Java developers. Mainly cause they know they need these people but they can’t actually understand what they do.

  3. From my own experience (coming from Canada), I used it about 15 years ago for a 1 year contract. The requirements for the job (Network management) had many specific requirements including leading certifications (MCSE, Cisco) and experiences in WinNT/Linux and a few interviews and testing. So it was not such an easy job to get. The compensation was great but wasn’t great enough to make me choose to stay in the US. Maybe there is abuse now, but who knows.

  4. Godaddy CEO is obviously liking his 60,000.00 dollars a year H1B-visa slaves that are tied to working at the company that got them the H1B-visa so if they are asked to work un-paid overtime they do it and if bosses treat them like crap they take it.
    H-1B visas are totally immoral in that the H1B-visa employees are captive to the company that got them the H-1B-visa.
    H-1B’s are also used to lower wages in technology jobs and H1-B employees replace american workers like the american tech people whose jobs Disney in their ugly greed gave to H-1B’s and forced the american employees to train their replacements to get severance pay.
    The H-1B-visas should be stopped completely or then the wage level should be upped from the current 60k to 250k before one gets a H-1B-visa to stop the current dumping of wages and making americans unemployed while still leaving a way for truly talented people whose talents can’t be found in America.
    Currently 90% of H-1B-visa types are doing a job that americans could do if companies would be just willing to pay 100k-150k instead of the 60k they pay the H-1B-visa worker or if american companies would be willing to train american youths to do the work instead of importing H-1B-slaves tied to one company.

  5. The education exemption in H-1B-visas is also highly discriminatory to americans in that companies can bring in people with Masters Degrees for jobs where there are unemployed americans who could fill those jobs but since Masters Degree having H-1B slaves are exempt from the requirement to search for employees in USA first by the company bringing in H-1B’s this means americans stay unemployed and greedy companies employ H-1B’s.
    The fact that americans with Masters Degrees have 200k in student debt whereas India’s Masters Degree “mills” churn out Masters Degree holders with no debt means the american employees do NOT have a chance in competition.

  6. Blake Irving is either totally clueless about the abuses taking place in the H-1B visa system or then Godaddy is one of the abusers of the system.
    How will small american businesses that are the backbone of Godaddy’s customers react to knowing that Godaddy is cheerleading for a completely broken system that is abused by greedy companies to discriminate and disadvantage americans and to dump the wages of those americans who were not made un-emplyed by H-1B workers?
    How will small start-up founders feel about Godaddy in the future when the startup founder or some of his/her early employees know PERSONALLY what kind of ABUSE goes on in the H-1B-visa system when they learn that Godaddy CEO is a big cheerleader of totally morally bankrupt H-1B-visa system?

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