Ammar Kubba’s Next Project is AutoBio


Ever since Ammar Kubba’s company divested,, and Trafficz, I wondered what Ammar would have planned for his next venture. In asking friends and family for feedback on the finalists for a logo design contest, Ammar shared his next business idea, AutoBio.

Although AutoBio is completely unrelated to the business of domain investing and domain names, it is an online venture. Here’s how Ammar described the business, although he mentioned that the concept is still being refined:

“AutoBio is a social network (think Facebook), informational resource (think Wikipedia, Zillow, car forums), and discovery app (think Pinterest) for car enthusiasts. AutoBio will have the world’s largest index of vehicles, i.e., every year, make, and model of every car ever built. AutoBio’s mission is: 1) to spread the love of cars, and 2) to improve the experience of buying, owning, and selling cars. AutoBio’s slogan is ‘for the love of cars’.”

Judging by a Historical Whois record from DomainTools, it looks like Ammar acquired the domain name earlier this month from Frank Schilling’s Name Administration. The .net and .org domain names are parked, just as was parked prior to the acquistion.

As I mentioned earlier, Ammar is currently running a logo design contest that is in its final stages. Over 400 logo design entries were submitted, and Ammar asked for feedback on 8 logo design finalists. I am sure he would appreciate your feedback and vote.

It will be interesting to follow along with Ammar as he begins his next venture and I hope he hits it big again.


  1. I can already wiki a car. If not google offers many resulting options.
    I can use autotrader to estimate value and sale the car.
    Forums, plenty dedicated to each car exists or will exists eventually.

    I am a bit confused on what is different about this offering.

    I am a huge car guy but know the crucial info (tech) is often hard to get but to get it he would have to have licensing deals with all major automotive groups. Oddly enough even if you can get Porsche etc to give it up it can already be found as a torrent or shared elsewhere.

    I am just not seeing it here, another car forum that covers all cars with estimates of value and info on that car?

    Maybe I am wrong and there will be something new not available before. I have known of 3 different car forums that sold and non brought in more than $XXX,XXX and they were extremely popular sites. The ad revenue is ok on them but not profitable enough to start one up.

    Certainly no one will pay for what is already free elsewhere. Real car nuts generally love their particular car maker and thus use their forums. To get a one time visitors who researches their car or to buy a car and pay anthing for that is hopeful.


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