After Lawsuit, Did FriendFinder Acquire


Friend Finder LogoHere’s an interesting story with a couple of twists and turns, and I think you’ll find it interesting.

In the middle of April, Mike Berkens reported that “Facebook filed suit against FriendFinder and its subsidiaries over it’s site, claiming it’s too similar to its own trademarked name.” Obviously, Facebook was opposed to the usage of the “Facebook” branding in a non-Facebook owned or endorsed website. At the present time, that site appears to be deactivated.

FriendFinder also apparently has issues with Facebook’s usage of the term “friend finder.” They believe this infringes on their own brand. This is going to be an interesting legal fight.

Now here’s where things become more interesting to me. From my research, it appears that FriendFinder has acquired The domain name is currently registered to someone with an email address, and is owned by  FriendFinder Networks. IMO, this is a pretty strong domain name.

Coincidentally, the domain name was sold by Mike Berkens’ Most Wanted Domains.


  1. It’s hard for me to take sides on this one E… both sides are not exactly doing the right thing, FF clearly used the popularity of the term facebook, facebook seems to bully its way to stealing errr snagging every term it feels it has rights to… both have points for and against.

    Because of that I dont care how this ultimately plays out, both deserve what they get and don’t.

  2. It looks as though some people are already hoping this shall replace

    So far today there have 10 typo’s registered of BookOf

    List of Typos already taken….

    congrats to Mike on the sale, would be nice to here the terms of a deal like this since they are meant to be going public shortly…

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