5 Times I Get That Tiger Woods ‘Sinking a Putt’ Feeling


I saw this tweet from Recky and could immediately relate to the feeling:

I think the tweet perfectly encapsulates the feeling I get when scoring a better deal than I expected on a domain name purchase. There are other times when I get the ‘sinking a birdie’ feeling from something related to domain names. Here are five of them:

  • When I receive a payment received email from DAN.com
  • When I receive an email from Transaction Assurance congratulating me for selling a domain name via Afternic.
  • After receiving the payment secured email from Escrow.com.
  • When another bidder drops out of a domain auction and time expires.
  • When a prospective buyer or seller comes back from the dead to rekindle a negotiation.


  1. A couple of days ago I received my first “Payment Received” email from Dan.com and it definitely was a nice feeling. It also touched on your 5th example Elliot as the company first inquired about the domain 7 months ago and I heard nothing back from them until they hit the BIN button last week.

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