10 Most Frequently Visited Domain Name Industry Websites


I spend a fair amount of time during the day visiting domain name related websites. Some of the sites I visit offer valuable domain related tools, while others offer news and commentary. There are also auction websites and aftermarket platforms that I visit multiple times per day.

Listed below are the ten domain industry websites I visit the most. Some of these sites are almost constantly opened in a browser tab at all times, while others are visited whenever I see an update is made.

10 Most Frequently Visited Domain Websites (in alphabetical order):

  • DNForum
  • DomainBoardroom
  • Domaining.com
  • DomainNameWire.com
  • DomainTools.com
  • FreshDrop.net
  • Google (Adsense, News, Analytics, Webmaster Tools)
  • NameJet
  • Sedo.com
  • TheDomains.com

What domain name related websites do you visit most frequently?


  1. I used to visit DNForum extensively but I stopped because I wanted to learn more about domaining. As of now I check Morgan Linton’s site,iGoldrush and of course this blog every day.

  2. I practically keep a tab with DomainTools open whenever I’m browsing. I check in here everyday, TheDomains, Domain Shane, and also spend a fair amount of time at GoDaddy, Namejet, and Sedo.

  3. I’d recommend domainsherpa.com to anyone who is new to domaining. The videos are an excellent resource and you get to see some of the most influential and successful domainers in a natural, conversational setting. Useful information and some inspiring stories of getting started in this business. Learned a lot from this blog as well. Thanks and regards,

  4. I frequent the following on a daily basis:

    Go Daddy
    Google Keyword Tool
    Inbound.org (Top Inbound Marketing aka SEO Articles. Partnership by my friends at SEOmoz & Hubspot)

  5. Cool list Elliot! Do you find it’s quieter at DNF than usual?

    I haven’t been a member as long as you have, but it just seems quieter (i.e. less quality posts/conversation, more mediocre sales threads).

    I can’t stop visiting though. 😉

  6. Along with some you mentioned, most frequent sites for me for .ca domains include Namespro.ca, Sibername.com, and MyID.ca. Also like to check the action at DomainNameSales.com

  7. @ Domains

    Agree about DomainNameSales.com. I looked at the quotes list yesterday and found a name I like at a reasonable range. Need to investigate that industry though to see if there’s room for any margin on the flip.

  8. Have these in common:
    Google (Adsense, News, Analytics, Webmaster Tools)

    Also visit:
    mwzd.com (dts)


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