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In early February of 2015, Kanye West tweeted about Yeezy.Supply. As I noted at the time, this appeared to be good news for people in the new gTLD space because of the potential for West to use and actively promote a .Supply domain name. This morning, I was  alerted to the fact that Yeezy.Supply now forwards to a developed website on

The Yeezy.Supply domain name was created on February 1, 2015, and the domain name was created on the same date. It looks like Yeezy.Supply had been used as the website for over a year, although I am not sure if there was actual commerce on that domain name because I just see a timer and “Season 3” in the entries. Based on my search, it looks like the domain name started forwarding to the .com domain name in or around June of 2016. There aren’t a ton of archived entries, so that could be wrong.

I am not sure if  the .com domain name was bought as a defensive measure or if the plan was to have a coming soon page  on a .Supply domain name and later switch to the .com domain name. I reached out to the domain registrant via email and phone to ask for a comment about the change, and if he replies, I will update the article.

I wouldn’t speculate about why they changed from a .Supply domain name to the  .com domain name, but that may have been the plan all along.  I thought it was interesting though.

Thanks to someone on for alerting me to this.


  1. It’s always interesting which representation of the name is displayed – the nTLD version or the .COM.

    The important thing, which I’d emphasize, is that they’re taking the right approach in owning BOTH and forwarding 1 to the other … regardless of which one that happens to be.

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