Would You Like a Coke with That Ipod?


At TheDomains.com, Mike talks about his experience buying an Ipod from a vending machine. Although the experience wasn’t as good as expected, its neat to see this type of POS buying opportunities.   Some day, Mike won’t even have to swipe his credit card. He will aim his cell phone at the vending machine, push a few buttons, and voila, a new Ipod!


  1. I spent my vacation in Philippines, where the local use their mobile phone to pay for books, theater ticket, student allowances, other services. They are way ahead of US mobile development.

  2. In 1997, when I lived in Brussels, everyone had their Nokias; I was amazed at the lively European cell phone culture.

    Back in the states, we still had our “Bag phone,” which cost over a dollar a minute, and had a regular handset and car adapter (no battery). Your car died, your phone died.

    Ms Domainer

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