William Shatner Gives Shout Out to GoDaddy

I am a big fan of GoDaddy’s customer service, and it looks like their customer service team made a fan out of actor William Shatner. Yesterday evening, Mr. Shatner took some time out of his day to tweet to GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving to compliment James Becsei, a GoDaddy CSR.

I am a bit surprised that William Shatner is handling domain name and/or hosting things on his own, but I suppose he could be thanking Blake on behalf of someone who manages his IT. If it was Shatner that called, it must have been pretty neat for the CSR to chat with him.

I don’t think great customer service is limited to people who are famous, like Shatner. The primary reason I use GoDaddy for domain registrations and hosting is because of the company’s customer support. I’ve been a customer since 2003 and have always found the customer service to be stellar.

Whenever I have an issue, I know I can make a phone call or send an email, and the issue will be resolved quickly, at all hours. Even when there is something that isn’t the fault of GoDaddy, I have found them willing to help troubleshoot.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. You must have had different service to me as I have found Godaddy “customer service” ( I use the term lightly) to be consistently awful.

  2. So how do you get to be able to send an email to GD customer service? I have spent the last few days down the rabbit hole of phone “support” or even worse, the live chat… I would much rather do this by email, but GD seems to have discontinued this.

  3. I broke the news about Godaddy ending their email support back in April 2014. http://www.clicknowmarketing.com/domains/godaddy-ends-email-support/

    Elliot gets email support because he is one of Godaddy’s top customers and get’s an assigned rep in their Executive Account’s department. At minimum you need aprox. 500 domains and $10,000/spend every 6 months the last I heard.

    99% of Godaddy customers can’t get email support as they are not eligible for this special support.

  4. I totally agree with you , Elliot. I find GoDaddy’s customer service to be outstanding !
    The CSRs are always extremely helpful and courteous.
    And when I receive a survey to rate the CSR’s performance I always take the time to answer it. The CSR gets a “Totally Satisfied” rating from me each and every time.

  5. GoDaddy customer service is a hit or miss. Most of the time, GD gives no-frills service; just basic service – nothing special. If you have an executive account (400+ domain names), then you will receive top-notch service.

    However, I feel comfortable keeping my domains at GoDaddy. Their platform is extremely easy to use. Pushing a domain is fast and easy. Their platform’s ease of use convinces me to keep using them.

    In my personal experiences, GD’s customer service is basic at best. It is up to the domain owner to learn how GD operates in order to benefit from their services.

    How does GD customer go above and beyond to separate them from the competition? What did this rep do to make this customer service so great? Most people leave out the facts to sugarcoat things.


    What issues did GD resolve to make them so great? How can GD go above and beyond to make your experience awesome. Great GD customer service seems like an overstatement.

    GD will refuse to provide a coupon code to long-term customers. They say these codes don’t exist. It’s a lie. These codes are available and they know this. Make a call to request a coupon code to receive 20% off on domain renewals and GD will turn you down. In result, you will lose many quality domains because you can’t renew all of your domains. As a result of this, you must pick and choose the most important domains to retain.

    There is no loyalty. I strongly believe that GD’s quality platform is what sells their services. The name recognition, too. I don’t see anything great in their customer service department that warrants praise.


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